TELUS Dealer Says Ottawa’s Wireless Plans are “Un-Canadian and Wrong”


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Looks like an authorized TELUS dealer is speaking publicly against Ottawa’s wireless policies, which were put into place with extensive incumbent consultation, but currently under fire due to the threat of Verizon looming on the horizon.

Nanaimo-based Tom Harris says Ottawa’s plans would impact the entire cellphone industry if new players entered the telecommunications market, calling the policies “fundamentally un-Canadian and wrong,” speaking to Postmedia News:

Harris said the move would have dire impacts for businesses in Canada –including dealerships like Tom Harris Cellular, which has about 250 employees.

“If a competitor like (Verizon) is allowed to come in and given all of these handouts, they’re obviously going to be able to operate at a lower cost structure, and maybe in that sense they could pass on some savings …” he said.

Despite an ongoing multi-million dollar ad campaign by the Big Three against the Federal government’s wireless policies, the latter has continually stated the auction will proceed as planned, with a September 17 deadline for telcos to apply and the bidding to take place next January.


  • Please, somebody do something to shut their mouth, please!

  • Aoktko

    Wha wha wha, quit your bitching all you opposed, we just want better savings and that’s how it will be. We don’t need your fabricated sob stories nor anything else that will try and paint an incorrect picture of the overall situation to Canadians!

  • Arcsvibe

    LOL wow I used to work at Telus (corp stores) dealers were notorious in Montreal for being rip off artists. Not all of them mind you but a fair share of them. You reap what you sow….

  • Chrome262

    even if we don’t get savings, we need to open up markets, this monopoly is just stupid, and it wouldn’t of been a problem if they didn’t abuse their power.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Boo hoo I’m shedding copious amounts of tears for these companies who’ll have Verizon (potentially) eat away at their obscene profits. Oh the humanity!

  • Doug

    What is ridiculous is that I’ve compared Verizon and Telus for two year rates over 2 years on a iPhone 5, and the savings was $1 (when counting in initial payment and monthly payments). There will be no savings. You actually expect Verizon to have Canadians pay less for a country whose infrastructure is more expensive to maintain than in their own homeland? How delusional.

  • nosnoop

    No, this is no delusion. You are comparing Verizon current plan in US where it is the biggest player. But when it first starts off in Canada, it will be the smallest player. Do you think people would switch to Verizon because of its name? No way. So the ONLY way Verizon can grab cell phone users from the big 3 is to offer a better price.
    Otherwise, WHY do you think the big 3 is so scared?
    Verizon would never be satisfied to be the smallest player in Canada, it won’t be worth their while. The only way to gain market share quickly is to have a PRICE WAR.

  • Al

    You’re not thinking it through realistically. Read the other articles on similar topics.

  • Tired8281

    It doesn’t matter how much bullshit and spin they throw on things, Canadians simply don’t trust the incumbent carriers, and that distrust has been well earned over many years. Anyone else will be an improvement.

  • K3

    your words a few days ago;

    ” Do you think Verizon are saints in the US market? What makes them any better? They charge the highest rates, have the most customers and, thereby, are doing the same to Americans as the big 3 do to us! The ONLY shot they have at making it in Canada is to offer something extra of notable value.
    Being the intelligent people that the majority of Canadians are, I believe that most will make a rational, informed decision. “

  • ward09

    So who cares right? Verizon will join the Troika and charge just as much. Sounds like a recipe for disaster them doesn’t it? So why are the incumbents so worried again?

  • ward09

    I think Tom Harris should have pushed Telus from within to trigger a price war. I will assume he didn’t, so I don’t care what Tom Harris thinks.

  • Beast man

    Enough already big babies, grow up and face the real competition!!!! BIG BABIES

  • 24franklin

    Agreed Verizon is no saint. But why is the big three sobbing in chorus.the simple reason is that in the past years whenever competition is placed,the trio used muscle to goble it out.this time around it will be other way,that is what scaring them as it will hit their profits and reshape the market.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    The silence is deafening

  • Al

    What’s your point? I was speaking to nosnoop’s certain declaration that there will be a price war, of which I, and now experts, say will most likely not happen. And that the war will be in added features. And it’s then up to people to decide which direction they wish to take.

  • iv

    The real story is… The TELUS dealer works on commission for every new number they activate. The more competition there is less chance of making that sale especially when you know the competition (Verizon) will have better incentives.

  • DCinAB

    He is right. It is fundamentally un-Canadian. Canadian business is known for screwing the public in most sectors.

    Sorry Tom Harris. Get with the program and simply become a dealer for Verizon as well. Simple as that. There are many multi-provider dealers in this country.

  • Al

    In fairness, US business is, in my mind, even more ruthless. “Marketing” to them is just another word for “lie your ass off”. So, it’s up to us to see through the crap and pick the best deal for ourselves.

    This guy most likely gets a very generous cut for being a large, exclusive dealer. So he, most likely, is going to take a significant hit. To which I have to say… you made your bed – now lie in it.

  • uniqash

    I wonder how much Telus paid him for his support

  • Anon

    If it will be a war of “features” then Verizon will lose the battle from the get-go. There will be no incentive to switch when the BIG 3 matches these features. They will have to come in strong, and undercut everyone (initially) to gain a customer base. Being one of the largest telco’s, they can certainly afford to do so. After they at least get a foot-hold, then they can eventually join the BIG 3’s oligopoly.

  • Al

    The big 3 can’t match the level of Canada/US roaming that Verizon can provide (should they choose). Not that that alone, is enough for many to switch. We will have to wait and see what will transpire.

    Read the other related articles.


    NORTH AMERICA Roaming PLAN is key that will break the BIG 3 about 30 million visitors cross the border every year from the
    United States into Canada
    and 5 million Canadians cross U.S to each year

    that is NUKE Bomb right there that why they are afraid of VERIZON
    BIG 3 can never ever offer or match that
    if Verizon not offter NA PLAN there just the become big 4
    one plan for U..S /CANADA that it
    they have the upper hand the ACE in the hole
    benefit both side of the border