100,000 Bell MTS Customers to Soon Find Out If They Will Be Moved Telus


According to the Winnipeg Free Press, Telus has started transitioning customers from Bell MTS. Over the next couple months, 100,000 existing Bell MTS customers will find out in waves whether they have been selected to move over to Telus, through packages in the mail.

The move is part of a Bell’s $3.9 billion deal for MTS, which the former agreed to sell 15 retail locations to Telus along with 100,000 wireless customers. Bell MTS will also move 24,700 wireless customers to Xplornet as well. The sell off of customers was part of a requirement from the Competition Bureau to ensure healthy competition in the province.

Telus spokeswoman Liz Sauve said in a statement to the WFP, “We want to make sure all the customer experience is positive and that there is a smooth transition.”

She added, “the team is working feverishly behind the scenes” to make sure everything goes well and that in addition to great network coverage, the new Telus customers will receive superior customer service.

Telus says MTS customers selected to transition over will retain their number, get plans that will match or improve their existing MTS plan, and also gain access to an enhanced 4G LTE network throughout Manitoba, since the company also has network sharing agreements with Bell.

Sauve says the first customers will find out via packages in the mail this week, which contain a letter from Bell MTS, followed by a ‘welcome package’ from Telus coming later, containing a new SIM card and instructions on how to make the switch.

“The most important message is that we will be reassuring migrating customers that we will match or improve upon existing MTS plans for the same price they are paying now,” says Telus.

Customers are told to first review the information Telus sends them to ensure it’s the same as their old Bell MTS plan. Next, they have the option to upgrade or keep their current cellphone, with instructions included on how to proceed. Lastly, customers need to pop in the new Telus SIM to activate onto the company’s network.

Bell MTS officially launched their 4G LTE network in March.


  • Richard Chiang

    Wondering how this would work for those with locked cellphones…I guessing Bell/MTS/Telus would foot the cost of unlocking

  • raslucas

    Wow I didn’t even think of that but an interesting problem Telus will need to solve.

    Maybe all MTS phones will just get whitelisted automatically (in the case of iPhones). Since the carrier is being dissolved

  • Kael

    Why would moving customers to Telus be something the competition bureau would be interested in when they are removing a competitor. Its still less choice, and in the end higher prices for all!

  • Richard Chiang

    Maybe it has to do with distribution of market share… otherwise Bell/MTS would be seen as too large. As a Winnipegger, most people I know are on Rogers, but I do believe MTS has a strong corporate/government client base because they were seen as the ‘local’ choice

    Sadly, price hikes are inevitable especially since Freedom Mobile is not even in Manitoba. (Not to mention the MB Hydro hikes coming – topic for another blog)

  • Is this just for cell phones or actual packages like tv etc?

  • Kael

    You should go to your provider and see what the price is for the plan that you currently have would be in BC or Alberta and you will be shocked. It’s about double. The only provinces that have cheaper rates are the ones that have 4 competitors. Now that Manitoba has one less……

  • Richard Chiang

    Yes, I am well aware and the difference is horrific. My extended family in Ontario and BC are shocked when I tell them I get 2.5 gb and unlimited Canada wide calling for $60 and iPhone is subsidized. They either have no data or they are on Freedom or BYOD. I’m hoping it doesn’t get to that point here, gotta give us some credit for bearing with the harsh winters…but if it does I hope I can just keep my plan and buy phones outright