Canada’s First ‘Gigabit Society’ Will Be Edmonton After $1B Investment: TELUS


TELUS has announced it will invest $1 billion in Edmonton to roll out fibre-optic Internet, which will turn the city into Canada’s first “urban gigabit society”, says CEO Darren Entwistle, according to The Financial Post:

“We are making a generational investment and creating the first, significant urban gigabit society in Canada,” Entwistle said.

“Our gigabit-enabled network will deliver speeds of 150 megabits per second right to the doors of more than 300,000 homes and businesses as well as medical, educational and community facilities to dramatically improve the way we live, work and socialize in a digital world,” Entwistle said.

The fibre optic investment in Edmonton is TELUS’ largest in history and largest in Canada, with Entwistle saying “Our fibre network will future-proof Edmonton’s growing digital demands for decades to come,” to enable a technological advantage that will foster innovation, streamline healthcare and also education.

The CEO touted faster internet as allowing workers in remote camps to access TV and high-speed Internet, a way to improve lives and ensure connections with loved ones, as one example of how fibre-optic could play out.

The $1 billion in investment for Edmonton will be allocated over the next 5-6 years, set to create an expected 1,500 jobs.

Back in April, TELUS announced it would upgrade all wireless sites in Alberta to LTE, part of a $4.2 billion investment in the province. Earlier this month, the company partnered with the Edmonton Eskimos to setup free public Wi-Fi at Commonwealth Stadium.


  • Kris Meador

    Very interested to see how Telus prices this and if it offers more than 150 megabits downloads.
    Funny how Telus fails to mention Olds, Alberta that built its own network and offers 1000 megabits down and up for $120 a month.
    Some interesting stuff coming to Edmonton. If pricing isn’t bad, I may switch.

  • coady

    how is this the first “gigabit society”? Bell Aliant has been offering higher speeds than that on fibre for years now in the Maritimes.

  • Chris

    I was just going to post that.
    I’m currently sitting with a 150/30 package right now in Sydney, NS and could get faster if I wanted.

  • DoctorT

    It’s not very gigabit if they only offer up to 150 Mbps..

  • raslucas

    This sounds a little like when Shaw announced Gigabit internet. Then said it’s only in False creek in Vancouver. That was 2010. 5 years later, nothing has changed, and sorry Telus, but having a higher maximum internet plan doesn’t do anything for us if your lower end plans stay the same. That’s a little like them announcing they’ve accomplished a way to bring 1500 minutes voice plans for 150$ month. ( In a hypothetical world where voice plans aren’t mostly unlimited ). It just doesn’t really matter to most people. They would make better news by doubling all their internet plans. ( by the way if anyone HAS Gigabit Shaw, please speak up, I’d love to hear from you. At the moment it’s more of a myth in my eyes)

  • awkpain

    A good portion of Saskatchewan can get up to 260/60 using Sasktel’s fiber with “double up”.

  • Chris

    Nice. Currently the FibreOp bundles give packages from 100/30-150/30 with an add on for 300/30.
    If you want to max it out, they offer a 450/350 packages but it costs way too much.
    Sadly, the upload speed seems to be capped at 30 unless going to the “business” package (450/350)

  • MC_bot

    except the only places they actaully offer gigabit are in small town BC….and it still has a 1 TB monthly limit. You could burn that in 2 hours. Edmonton is only getting 150….