Koodo: 16GB iPhone 5c Now $500 Outright; Refurb 8GB iPhone 4S for $200


If you’re looking to pick up a 16GB iPhone 5c, Koodo has dropped the outright price to $500 (no contract), only available in stores.  Apple sells the same phone for $599, but it comes factory unlocked.

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If you’re an existing Koodo/Telus user, it might be a decent deal since you won’t have to pay $35 to get it unlocked and can use it right away.

According to the CRTC Wireless Code, postpaid users buying a phone outright means you can get it unlocked immediately without waiting 90 days. In this case, you’re saving $64 versus buying from Apple (Koodo: $500+$35 = $535; Apple: $599).

If you’re not a Koodo user, find a friend who’s on a postpaid plan and get them to buy the iPhone 5c outright for and get it unlocked immediately. You’ll be saving $35 this way but there’s work involved.

Also, it’s being reported on RFD that certified pre-owned Koodo 8GB iPhone 4S models are available in some stores for $200 outright without activation. If you pay $35 to unlock this phone then it’s a cheap $235 iPhone 4S, albeit ‘old’ and a smaller capacity.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on these!


  • gobi

    Price match with rogers?

  • Yeah you could try that too

  • It’s Pete

    As far as I know, price match is on contract pricing only at Rogers and they don’t match referbs

  • Ed Johnson

    Hey Gary, check your math. If the phone is $500 + $35 to unlock, it would cost $535. If Apple is charging $599, the savings would be $64, not $35 as you reported.

  • Holy smokes you’re right. Posted this without having coffee first thing in the morning. Fixed, thanks.

  • Iphone_Bob

    I would also add that since all of this is taxable the actual savings would be 64$ plus tax, almost 74$ depending where you live.

  • Patricia

    I was checking out the Telus website and the had a Refreshed iPhone 5s 16GB for $550 but if you try to buy the phone outright they won’t let you. They will only sell it to you on a 2 year contract.

  • Patricia

    Just called a Kodoo store and was told that the unlock price is $50.