Koodo Promo Slashes 1GB Canada-Wide Plan Further to $35 in Quebec [u]


Last week we told you about Koodo (and Virgin) launching a new “limited time offer” in the form of a discounted $38 per month Canada-wide plan with 1GB in Quebec (normally $43).

Now the company has lowered this plan even further by offering a $3 discount, taking it down to $35 per month (and plans layout gets a revamp on the website):

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The plan offers unlimited anytime Canada-wide minutes, 1GB of data ($5/250MB overages), unlimited messaging, call display, voicemail, call waiting and conference calling.

As of writing, Virgin Mobile still has this plan listed at $38, but expect that to change shortly, like it did last week matching Koodo’s offer.

If you jumped on the $38 promo plan, it’s time to call in and save a few more bucks with this new $35 price.

Update Aug. 21/15: Virgin has now matched this price.

[via RFD]


  • Jerry

    If only Bell would jump in on this I could pay off my remaining contract cuz I don’t want to pay 60$ just to unlock my iPhone 6. Paying 98$ Per month sucks!

  • P1l0t3

    Do they allow BYOD for these kind of contracts ?

  • Yes

  • Bob

    Maths… This is 40$ (tx included). You’re paying 100$. You’re saving your unlock fees in the first month. Or am I missing something? In a year you will have saved 720$

  • FatJellyfish

    Virgin is also now at 35$ 🙂

  • Jeez, took them long enough! Thanks, updated 🙂