[u] Koodo, Virgin Launch Promo $38 Nationwide Plan with 1GB Data [Quebec]


Koodo has launched a new promo plan for residents in Quebec only. Previously at $43 per month for 1GB of data and unlimited nationwide minutes, this Lightweight plan has been discounted by $5 to $38 as part of a “Limited Time Offer”. Check it out below:

Screenshot 2015 08 14 10 17 06

As of writing, Fido and Virgin Mobile have not matched this plan (yet) on their respective websites. If you were on the $43/1GB plan in Quebec, call Koodo today and switch over to this cheaper plan to save $60 per year.

Update: Looks like Virgin has launched the exact same offer to match Koodo:

Screenshot 2015-08-14 12.55.35

[via RFD]


  • Raj

    I wish it was in Ontario. Even though compared to the states this plan still sucks.

  • Dr. J

    …. have you looked at plans in the US? $38 for unl talk, text and 1 GB is far better than the vast majority of plans in the US. If you look hard enough you can find 1gb slightly cheaper, but then you are settling with a network without as much coverage.
    And if you factor in the exchange rate, the price is hard to beat in the US

  • Tim

    $35 for 5gb people. Go VoIP. It works. It really works.

  • Scott

    wow, I wish people could keep their language in check

  • Raj

    I have looked, T-mobile family plan comes to about 39 Canadian per line. With this you get unl talk, text and 10 GB in North America. Also I spent only about 10 seconds to google this. In Canada you either Pick tier 1(Roger,blah,blah) or tier 2(Fido,blah,blah). Goto any one the sites for Virg, Kood, Fido and you will find almost all the plans to be the exact same. Its depressing, WE NEED MORE COMPETITION! Can’t use my smartphone to its fullest.

  • jfmartel

    What’s missing to use your phone to the max?