Koodo Offers $48/5GB Loyalty Promo Plan to B.C., Alberta and Ontario [u]


Last week, we told you Telus shutdown its loophole which allowed Koodo customers residing outside of Manitoba and Saskatchewan to jump on their regional $48 plan with 5GB data.

Now, the Telus flanker brand appears to be trying harder to offer irresistible retention plans to retain customers, if you ask about matching Public Mobile’s (expired) $38/4GB plan (after credit card auto renew), which expired on Sunday, and Fido/Virgin’s $40/4GB plan (which expired Monday).

According to users on RFD, Koodo retentions is now offering the $48 plan with 5GB data and unlimited nationwide calling to customers in BC and Alberta, based on those who called in today.

In order to get the retention offer, you need to get transferred to the latter department when calling in, and not deal with front line staff.

No word if Fido or Virgin Mobile retentions is matching this offer, but now it appears we have some magical cellphone ‘deals’ upon us, all thanks to Telus-owned Public Mobile breaking rank and offering a $38/4GB promo (after credit card auto renew).

Let us know if you’re going to try this—and if you’re offered the $48/5GB loyalty plan. From what we’re reading in the RFD forums, many have been successful in getting this today (some in less than 15 mins on the phone!).

Update: Koodo is offering loyalty plans of $35/3GB and $40/4GB to customers in Quebec, according to RFD.

Update Nov. 25: Koodo is now offering this $48/5GB plan to customers in Ontario–call in and ask retentions (via RFD).



  • YoGoerz

    Is it the apocalypse?

  • haha…who knows…definitely a full moon 😀

  • MGSayah

    Hey Gary, where did you see the “Update: Koodo is offering loyalty plans of $35/3GB and $40/4GB to customers in Quebec.”??

  • stevethomp

    I got it, it’s a nice upgrade from my $75 for 3.5 gb. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • Whoa, nice upgrade on data and downgrade on price ????

  • Randomguy

    How’s the koodoanyone on the koodo network from here in calgary? Is it any good? Any complaints?

  • KS

    You mean a blue moon ????

  • Cody Woodward

    koodo is owned by Telus, so it uses their same network. Same as Public Mobile. If Telus has good signal where you are then expect the exact same on koodo.

  • KS

    It appears Fido is busy celebrating its 20 Years Anniversary. Alone. Waiting for others to take all the initiatives, rather than the other way around.

  • True

  • Some say the public mobile network is throttled despite the company denying it. Speed tests over LTE are still fast enough that I don’t notice anything different from Fido.

  • Kris

    Is the Canada wide long distance available no matter where I am in Canada, means no roaming? or only while calling from your local calling area. I got the Fido $40 plan without Canada-wide (I was on $67 max plan with Canada wide, no roaming), but wondering if this is better with 1 extra gig. Also, how is Koodo reception and coverage vs Fido?

  • Yes it’s Canada wide no matter where you are for calling/receiving.

    Depends on your data and Canada wide voice usage.

    Koodo is Telus, which shares towers with Bell so you’ll have good coverage.

  • LadeeDa

    More than just a few. pm speeds are quite erratic and have never gone beyond 25 Mbps in Metro Vancouver for many. Compare this with Fido/Rogers going past 50 on iPhone 6S or 7.

  • LadeeDa

    Sadly, the telecos have brainwashed you. Besides, this is for existing not new customers.

  • LadeeDa

    It’s for existing customers only. I suppose one can subscribe and then the next day ask retentions for this deal.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Gary,any idea if this is for Ontarians also ??

  • Kris


  • Doesn’t look like it, but you could try calling

  • Tim

    and of course, nothing for Ontario or out east

  • Vadivel Kaliyannan

    I got this Koodo plan for 48$-5GB unlimited in 30 minutes hold. Still great. Thanks Gary!!

  • Amazing plan. Nice work, enjoy 🙂

  • Prhermit

    Yes, we don’t deserve loyalty in Ontario! Been w Koodo for over ten years and we get shafted

  • Henry Janzen

    I called Koodo, placed a callback notice, got call about 30 minutes later. The guys I talked to had no idea what I wanted, but offered to get in touch with retentions for me. It took another 30 minutes on hold, but the guy was absolutely fantastic, no questions asked. Switched 2 lines over for me, retroactive to the start of my billing period. I was on the Canada wide 56 dollar plan minus no tab discount 50.40 plus tax. New price is 48.00 and I now get 5 GB instead of 2, retroactive to start of billing cycle. Only thing that has changed is that overage is now 50.00 per GB. but plan is protected by no shock policy.
    By the way I’m in BC.

  • Awesome!

  • Henry Janzen

    Thanks Gary for the heads up. I tried many times before to match my daughters Manitoba Koodo plan. No luck until today

  • Sandrewb

    Thanks Guys, I just got off the phone with them and they switched both phones over with no hassles. I thought that they wouldn’t offer since it’s been two days but they did it with no questions asked and seemed happy to do it.

  • Sandrewb

    Just called this Saturday morning and still got this offer on both of our plans. Thanks Gary

  • Nice!

  • YoGoerz

    Not sure what you mean regarding brainwashed.

    But for the second part, I was a new customer and retrieved the plan no problem.

  • Island Man

    Nov 28th 2016 : Just called in 10 mins ago, spoke with the front line support and was told flat out that plan was not for BC or Alberta. i then kindly asked to be sent to Loyalty…sat on hold for about 15-20 mins then i was connected…… ‘ Hello Mr.. i understand you would you like the $48 Canada Unlimited 5GB plan? Bingo!! ”Added to all 3 lines on my account” Oh yes please!!! Awesome customer service, not in a million years would I get Rogers, or Bell do this, let alone all wrapped up in 5 mins. it must be nearing the fiscal year to Telco’s. I’m Very Happy! I’m in Vancouver BC.

  • Awesome!