Koodo Promo: $55 Unlimited Plan with 5GB Data–Only in SK, MB


Looks like Koodo, the low-cost TELUS brand has kicked off a new promo in Saskatchewan and Manitoba to compete with regional carriers SaskTel and MTS.

A new promotional $55 per month plan offers the following:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide minutes (daytime, evenings, incoming)
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • 5GB of data
  • Call display, voicemail, call waiting, conference calling
  • Medium Tab: add $5 per month
  • Large Tab: add $10 per month
  • Available on a monthly plan or two year terms

Screen Shot 2013 08 30 at 9 51 09 AM

Three days ago, Virgin Mobile rolled out similar plans but an equivalent plan is $10 more. SaskTel already has a $65 unlimited talk/text/data plan in place. MTS offers a similar plan like the Koodo promo but it’s $70 per month.

Students should be able to get $5 off per month (all carriers seem to be offering this) and those who bring their own devices should qualify for 10% off (you should ask for it).

These plans are only available in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The rest of Canada can only salivate at these region-specific promotional offers.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • Michael

    I notice I get the same offer (with more data) from Mobilicity for $35/month, as opposed to the absolute minimum of $45 when you’re a student bringing your own device.

  • adam

    fair for canada… i dont know why we would want more competition ….

  • HateBig3

    This is “fair” and “reasonable” pricing . . . now obviously it’s only available in SK and MB where there’s more local competitors. Who says that competition is a bad thing? If only this was available THROUGHOUT ALL OF CANADA, people wouldn’t revolt and hate the big 3 so much. I like to see these plans available in Vancouver or Toronto! —hence we want more competition in these cities!

  • jlocicero

    Sure, but you’ll get better coverage outside of major centers with Koodo. Wish I could get this plan in Alberta.

  • Wuju

    Absolutely agree. Bring on Verizon to really make them sweat and have some real competition!

  • George

    Damn you AGT! Why did you sell out to Telus?

  • MapleHoney

    My brother just sign up a $50 5GB LTE plan from one of the Big 3. We are in Vancouver. 🙂 I don’t want to say which carrier because people might think I am doing advertising. Go to stores and check.

  • wah_gee

    I think sharing would be fine. That’s what this blog is for. To share and get the best info. 🙂

  • Dal B

    Not the same thing! 350 mins is lousy! Rogers?!

    PLAN:Corp 350 Wkday/Unltd EW

    Unlimited Eve & Wknd Minutes
    350 Weekday Minutes
    1000 Incoming Local Minutes
    LTE 5GB Data Service Plan
    Basic Voicemail