Koodo Promo Plans: $57/2GB Nationwide; $34/1GB in Quebec


Hot on the heels of Fido launching a $57 BYOD plan with unlimited nationwide talk/text and 2GB of data (normally $65/month), Koodo Mobile has done the same.

Available nationwide (except SK, MB, QC), Koodo BYOD customers can get an unlimited Canada-wide talk plan with 2GB data for $57, bringing back memories of a similar plan we saw a few years ago.

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Also, for Koodo customers in Quebec, a new $34 unlimited nationwide talk plan offers 1GB of data, which is a discount of $6 (previously $40/month).

Screenshot 2015 10 25 21 22 05

If you were on any of these plans before the price drops, make sure you call in and get a price adjustment to save a few bucks! Fido’s promo ends Sunday, so there’s no word if Koodo will follow suit or extend the sale.


  • Z S

    Just remember, you can do this through self-serve online for free and it only takes a few seconds. If you call in, they’ll charge you $10 for the plan change!

    Thanks for head’s up on this Gary. After taxes, this is going to save me an additional $9/month!

  • Cornfed710

    I’ve never ever been charged to change my plan with fido. Sorry I thought this was about fido for some reason lol That’s crazy $10 to change a plan

  • Cheers 🙂

  • ticky13

    Man, things have crashed in Ontario since I got Koodo’s 60gb/month for $70 incl. tax a few years ago.