Koodo Launches New ‘Choose Happy’ Rebranding, New Plans, Website


Last month it was reported Koodo was set to rebrand with a new ‘Choose Happy’ message and as of today, that change has gone live. The Koodo website has been revamped and the new tagline is front and centre:

Screenshot 2015 04 19 09 49 37

There is also a new promo plan for $45/month that offers unlimited Canada-wide minutes and 1GB of data until May 3 (non-SK/MB):

Screenshot 2015 04 19 09 54 37

Here are the Heavyweight and Tab Plus plans:

Screenshot 2015 04 19 09 56 30

Screenshot 2015 04 19 09 56 35

For those in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the Tab Plus plan of $48/month offers unlimited Canada-wide minutes with 5GB of data, which seems to be cheaper than before:

Screenshot 2015 04 19 10 00 13

Koodo also uploaded a new video to its YouTube channel to explain again their Tab structure:

Let us know if you’re going to be jumping on any of these new Koodo plans.


  • JM

    43$ and 53$ for 1go & 2go in QC 🙂

  • Zeke

    I’m really happy with Bell Prepaid. Awesome customer service, I’ve never had a problem. For data I like my Mifi 2. mobile hotspot. I have a few friends using Koodo and they like it. Whatever works for you I guess.

  • Jesse

    $48 for the 5gb in MB & Sask.. Nice little decrease in price!

  • jlocicero

    Any 10% off for BYOP, or have they switched it to Tab 0?

  • BYOD 10% looks to be gone

  • T33BS

    Does it automatically take place or is there something that we need to do on our end?

  • You need to call in to move to the new plan to save a few bucks.

  • jlocicero

    A shame. The $45 plan would have been good for me otherwise!

  • Right, merci!