Koodo Launches New Canada-Wide Promo Voice and Data Plans


Koodo has launched new Canada-wide promo voice and data plans (as first spotted by MobileSyrup yesterday) to go with some improvements to their regular plans. For the promo Canada-wide plans, voice minutes and data buckets have doubled, which make them perfect for the casual unlocked iPhone user.

koodo canada wide

The $60 plan looks pretty awesome and is better than Fido’s $57 promo plan (recently extended to January) as it includes 2GB of data (edit: Fido’s plan now has double the data–2GB). The $45 plan looks pretty good for casual users too.

As for the regular voice plans, Koodo has now included unlimited texting, decreased daytime minutes, but the $28 and $38 plans are now cheaper by $2:

koodo plans

These plans use pay-per-use data which is tiered at the following prices:

koodo plans

These are some nice new changes from Koodo. Who’s jumping on these?


  • Chris R

    If that $60 Canada-Wide Unlimited Plan has 6GB of Data (or even better, unlimited -haha), that plan would be perfection!

  • ticky13

    Considering leaving Koodo if I can find a better deal. They are good, but it would be nice to have visual voicemail.