Koodo Price Matches Fido and Virgin, Lowers $60 Promo Plan to $57


Almost a week ago Koodo introduced new Canada-wide promo plans that included double the data of what competitors Fido and Virgin Mobile were offering. The only difference was the Koodo unlimited plan was $60 compared to the $57 offering by Fido and Virgin Mobile (both quickly doubled data to 2GB to match Koodo).

Now, MobileSyrup notes Koodo has lowered their plan price to $57 to match Fido and Virgin Mobile, which is now reflected on their website:

koodo $57 plan

So there you have it folks. Wireless ‘competition’ in Canada!


  • David

    I wish rogers have similar plans!!

  • ticky13

    “So there you have it folks. Wireless ‘competition’ in Canada!”

    Hey, if it lowers prices and better deals, I’m all for it.

  • Wuju

    Bring it down to fifty and that would be awesome.

  • kevin

    fido is rogers in yellow.

  • Will514

    The 45$ plan is pretty great as well. There’s so much attention to these $57 plans but I really feel this koodo 45$ plan to be the best (well for me at least). Data might be low for some people but I’ve had 500mb with Rogers since the 3G iPhone and Ive probably only gone over my limit twice in 5 years. I made the switch to koodo as soon as I saw this plan. Bub-bye Rogers. Won’t miss you.