Koodo Mobile to Launch ‘Roam Like Home’ Feature in Late August


Rogers and Fido have their own U.S. roaming options called Roam Like Home and Fido Roam, which allows customers to roam in the U.S. while using their existing postpaid plans, as if they were in Canada, at the cost of $5 per day.

Now, it appears Telus-owned Koodo Mobile is set to launch their own equivalent product this summer, according to the company.

Replying to a user’s feature request in the Koodo Community Forums, a company representative named Bernard said this morning, “we are working on it,” and “there are a number technical/billing changes that need to take place which is never easy, however we are looking end of August early September to come out with our version of this feature.”

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While Koodo Mobile rarely comments on upcoming features, the rep stated the confirmation of a “Koodo Roam” product “is one of the exceptions”.

Currently, Koodo’s U.S. roaming plans with unlimited text, voice and 150MB of data start at $30 per month.

Telus launched Easy Roam back in 2015, which allows customers to roam in the U.S. for $7 per day and $10 per day internationally, while using the voice minutes, text message and data from their existing smartphone or tablet plan. The fees are capped at $100 per billing cycle for the U.S. option and $150 for the international option.

Last November, Telus-owned Public Mobile gained U.S. roaming plans for talk, text and data.

Rogers has their own product named Roam Like Home, while Bell has their Roam Better plans for U.S. and international roaming.

Roaming in the U.S. or international is always cheaper with a local SIM, but for those who can’t be bothered, these daily roaming plans are an option but come at a price. Other options include setting up Roam Mobility for your U.S. and international travels.

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  • David

    Bell’s Roaming option is a joke compared to Rogers & Telus. They charge $5 in US a day and $10 elsewhere for 100MB of data that is pretty much useless. Being a frequent traveler I am switching provider from Bell as a result.

  • raslucas

    Rogers’ is actually very impressive considering… well the usual with Rogers. Capped at $50 and $100.

    You still pay more with Rogers in general, but if you use these little extras, such as Gamecentre and the like, you can figure out a way to sleep at night.

    Roaming in the states is pretty worry free, and that was the first time I’ve ever been able to say that so perhaps we should have take a moment to acknowledge this.


    Just got a message from komodo portal saying this feature is coming early October


    Koodo portal