Koodo Pre-Owned 16GB iPhone 6, iPhone SE for $50 on Medium Tab


All eyes are on Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’ special event tomorrow, but if you know someone who doesn’t need the latest and greatest iPhone, Koodo has some certified pre-owned offers available.

Right now, both the 16GB (yes, 16GB) iPhone 6 and iPhone SE are available for $50 upfront on a Medium Tab (you pay $15 x 24 months), which works out to $410 plus tax for each device. Throw in Koodo’s referral program and you can get $25 in bill credits. A Medium Tab requires a minimum $40 per month.

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After 90 days, you can then cancel your contract and pay off the device. So in the end, you’ll get a refurbished iPhone 6 or SE for $410—but it’s 16GB. To get it unlocked from Koodo, just tack on $35 (unlocked 16GB iPhone SE costs $579 and iPhone 6 costs $769 from Apple).

Of course, you may be better off waiting to see what price changes could come after tomorrow’s Apple event. But for those who want to get an iPhone 6 or SE, this is one way to do it (albeit refurbished).

[via RFD]


  • With the issues the iPhone 6 has been having with the bizarre screen problems I wouldn’t buy one new let alone used, also the price will drop by tomorrow or so since they are releasing the 7. Also the iPhone 5C pre-owned is back to $0 on small tab and $5 a month from when they switch it previously up to $10 a month on a Tab

  • That Guy

    If you wanna talk problems The 5C is such junk they shouldn’t even sell them.

  • I actually bought one and re-sold it and made almost $100 lol