Koodo Promo Offers $46/5GB, $49/6GB Plans for Quebec Only


Telus-owned Koodo Mobile has launched a data bonus offer for customers in Quebec only, offering 1GB extra on BYOD plans priced at $46 and $49 respectively.

The $46 plan ends up with 5GB and the $49 plan gets 6GB of data, along with unlimited nationwide minutes and global text. Additional data is billed at $5/100MB, or $50/1GB.

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Also, if you’re signing up, find a referral from a friend or family member, because Koodo has also doubled their referral bonus to $50 each, until May 7th.

Fido and Virgin Mobile also currently offer the same $49 plan with 6GB, but they have yet to match the $46 plan with 5GB.

If you’re in Quebec customer on Koodo, call in or go online and make the switch to update your plan to these promos.

[via RFD]


  • SmartieMcfly

    Why do mobile service providers continue to offer special plans to specific regions of this country. If you want to rule the Canadian mobile industry, offer plans like this to everyone. Soon you will have too many customers.

  • Kevin D.

    50$/1GB.. how ridiculous is that… When Videotron charges 7$/1GB… Anyway, we shouldn’t even have data caps!

  • AGREE!

  • Kevin D.

    By the way, Koodo has removed the 46$/5GB plan, it isn’t listed anymore as of now.