Koodo Promo: $60 Canada-Wide Plan with 6GB Data, Quebec Only


Customers looking to sign with Koodo Mobile in Quebec have a new plan available, for a “limited time”. The TELUS subsidiary has launched a new BYOD $60 per month plan, which offers 6GB of data and unlimited Canada-wide minutes and messaging (plus the usual extras).

Koodo quebec offer

There’s also a $55 plan with 4GB of data on promo, plus a $35 plan with 500MB of data.

Quebec doesn’t get the best deal in Canada from Koodo though, as those in Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the only ones with access to the $48 per month plan with 5GB of data.

Again, this offer is only available for Koodo customers in Quebec, thanks to local regional competition from Videotron. As for the rest of us, we can only dream of being able to access these plans (although there are other ways…).

Let us know if you’re going to call in and change to these plans if you’re on BYOD with Koodo.

[via RFD]


  • hlna55

    Shouldn’t people from Quebec be charged international roaming outside of Quebec? Just sayin… Their parliament doesn’t have a Canadian flag in it.

    Just stating facts is all.

  • Dany Quirion

    It does actually, when the PLQ are in power, and its also always displayed in the red room. Stop being stupid Canada wouldnt exist if Quebec had never been there. Stating facts

  • Diop

    I’m still holding tight to my 34$ 1gb unlimited with koodoo in Quebec.I was not eligible to the 1GB promo. I’d love more data but the prices are not worth it

  • MikeT

    why QB gets special treatment?

  • toppr

    this comment is on another universe of stupid. you passed grade 3 right? Quebec is part of Canada whether they fly the flag or not.

  • Marc S

    Manitoba and Saskatchewan are getting the better treatment here not QC.

  • Mrleblanc

    Those plan does not include the price of the phone tho… So you can add an additional 10-30$ per month to this if you need a new phone

  • Marc S

    I switched over last night. Only issue is they have to give you an 819 area code number for that deal. So here it the trick if you want to keep your existing number if not in a 819 code. I called Koodo 30 min later and asked if they could port my number and voilà, I got back my 613 on the same plan, no charge. You will need your account number from your old provider.

  • Motoroid

    Anyone interested in the Saskatchewan Manitoba $48 5GB plan, contact me through text. (647) 793-0670

  • Dany Quirion

    Why, because we had our rights twken away an emprisoned for being french. Learn some history.

  • Dany Quirion

    fair treatment considering what thee english did