Koodo Promo Double Minutes, Data Buckets for All Canada-Wide Plans


Screen Shot 2013 03 06 at 4 30 18 PM

For iPhone users on Koodo, the company has introduced a promo until March 18th where anytime minutes and data have doubled (via MobileSyrup). We last saw a similar promo from Koodo last November. The $45 plan has improved since then, as it formerly only had 150 minutes and 250MB of data to start.

As you can see in the chart below, data overages are $5/100MB ($50/GB) on the $30 plan, but only $10/GB on the $45 and $60 plans.

Screen Shot 2013 03 05 at 5 37 38 PM

If you’re a light iPhone user, these plans might work out well for you since numerous extras such as long distance, unlimited texting, caller ID, and voicemail are all included. Existing users should be able to call in and get access to these new promos. Let us know if you’re going to make any changes!


  • Jon

    Charging different data rates is ILLEGAL.

  • byod and you get 10% off your monthly rate!

  • Awesome!

  • gtasscarlo

    That’s still on, where on the website does it show. I tried to find it.

  • gtasscarlo

    How is it illegal?

  • Monopolyguy

    What they don’y say is its 4$ more than the holliday promo. All of this for 56$. These compagnies laught at us with their “promo”. I find it so frustrated to see that I pay twice the price somebody in Europe pays for the same freaking service. With the advantage I can go to nuvanut and still have coverage… Woooooooh -_-