Koodo Promo Returns: Double the Data, Minutes for Canada-Wide Data Plans


Just like Virgin Mobile, Koodo has brought back double the data and minutes for its Canada-wide data plans, specifically the $40, $50 and $60 plans. The $30 and $35 Canada-wide talk and text plans also get double the minutes.

Out of all three ‘discount’ carriers, Koodo’s $50 plan is the best as it offers 1000 anytime minutes compared to just 600 from Virgin and Fido.

The changes are listed below:

Screen Shot 2013 07 26 at 1 41 15 PM

Below are the changes to the minutes to the Canada-wide talk and text plans:

Screen Shot 2013 07 26 at 1 41 55 PM

The last time we saw a similar promo was back in March from Koodo.

If you were signed up to one of these plans before these promos kicked in, call in and get your plan changed so you can benefit right away. Koodo says this offer will end August 7, 2013. Most likely these were brought back just in time for back to school. Let us know if you are going to jump on this!

ThanksĀ zaikatanox!


  • meyakanor

    Unlike Fido, Virgin and Koodo have BYOD deals that will cut 10 percent off the plans if you bring your own devices. However, no unlimited incoming on these plans šŸ™

  • WatDah

    Remember when $60 unlimited+2GB data use to be the norm?

  • Wufai

    Worst backpedel case ever from Virgin and Koodo! If this is not the definite example of carrier jacking up their artifical price putting the blame on CRTC’s 2yr contract decision then I don’t know what is! Just to show if one carrier (Fido) doesn’t follow suit with price jump. These carriers can still sell low cost plans at a profit.

  • OliChabot

    Please Verizon, come to Canada so we’ll have some competition…. I have a 57$ plan with Bell for 1GB,200 minutes, caller ID and message center with unlimited texts, I feel like I’m getting screwed..

  • I’m on the $56/mo Fido plan with 2GB data. Bills have not incurred overages since I’ve signed up.

  • Joseph

    Gary, do you know if the BYOD 10% discount kicks in when this plan was in effect.

  • Pretty sure it does.

  • Bell the Hell

    All these three bigs are bug on raises and pettyon services.
    Other day I went to Bell store in Millwood Town center, the sales man was so rude and crude.
    His first question on first eye contact was not, how are you or how can I help you?
    It was:” Yes”
    For a moment I thought I was in a police station. Sorry, Even they are better.
    Naturally I ran from there.
    Next time yoy go there, sure you will know.