Koodo iPhone 6 only Requires $40/month Plan on Contract with Medium Tab


We know by now users looking to sign a new iPhone 6 contract on 2-year terms will require minimum $80 per month plans from the Big 3.

However, Koodo is offering discounts on the iPhone 6 right now, meaning users can sign a 2-year contract and only pay the minimum $40 per month plan with a Medium Tab, albeit with a plan that has few minutes and data.

This is because there’s an extra $100 off Tab M plans for the 16GB model and $75 off for the 64GB model right now.

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The cheapest Medium Tab plan is $40 per month and that includes:

  • 200 anytime Canada-wide minutes
  • 50MB of data ($5/50MB overages)
  • Unlimited 5pm evenings and weekends
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • Call display, voicemail
  • Call waiting, conference calling, unlimited Canada-wide family calling

So for the 16GB iPhone 6 from Koodo will cost you the following: 

  • $375 up front for the iPhone 6 on a Medium Tab ($300 subsidy)
  • $40 per month Medium Tab plan (200 minutes, 50MB)
  • Total over two years: $375 + $960 = $1335 + Optional $35 unlock = $1370

Compare this to an outright unlocked 16GB iPhone 6 from Apple:

  • $749 for iPhone 6
  • $35 Canada-wide plan (200 minutes, 50MB) – BYOD 10% off = $31.50 x 24 = $756
  • Total: $1505

That’s only a $135 difference (or $5.60 per month) in cost between the two options, but you need to factor in any data overages you may get. Of course you could go for a $45 or $50 plan, which changes the scenarios a bit.

If you have a friend on Koodo, if you use their referral code you each can save $25 off your tab, sweetening then offer a bit. Also, at The Mobile Shop stores, there is currently a scratch and save promo which could also be applied to this offer.

So if you are the type of person who does not use their iPhone during the day because you’re at work, and have plentiful Wi-Fi and can manage the risk of data overages, the Koodo Medium Tab for the iPhone 6 just might be for you if you want the cheapest possible price, instead of paying $80/month with the Big 3’s flagship carriers.

You get to save on the iPhone 6, but you’ll have a limited monthly plan with few minutes and data. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.

[via RedFlagDeals]


  • 50MB of data on an iPhone? On a LTE network?
    To do what? Open Facebook 5 secs and have a 5 000$ bill?

    If you’re going to buy an iPhone to have 50MB of data with it, DON’T.

  • johnnygoodface

    You said it!

  • Kael

    That plan is NOT USABLE with iPhone or any smartphone. That plan is like WTF!!

  • Kael

    Average Canadian uses 1.3 gigs of data. (Anyone have data not from Cisco?) Overage charge on this account would be about $100 a month.

  • Andrew

    I totally agree when I see the 50mb data part. Expect to see a lot of over charge.

  • Chris Petersens

    Why not? There is wi-fi everywhere nowadays.

  • Mathias

    Wifi everywhere! Yeah, right, not in Montreal! Using an iPhone without data is like a tv without cable. Don’t be stingy!

  • warpdrive

    Telus still only requires a minimum plan of $70/month to sign a new contract.

  • gtasscarlo

    How is it possible to even use 50 mb a month.

  • Because I’m not the kind of person who uses unprotected, unsecure Wi-Fi networks.

  • Tim

    open Facebook.

  • FunnyThat

    Yeah, but it’s Telus.

  • warpdrive

    Thank goodness for that. In Alberta, anywhere outside a major city, your better off with 2 tin cans and string than Rogers. And Bell, closest store to me is an hour away. Almost non existent even in the major centres. Don’t get me wrong, Bell and Rogers might be great in other parts of the country, but in most of Alberta, your doing yourself a dis-service.

  • FunnyThat

    That’s not been my experience but to each their own. At any rate I swore of Telus years ago. They’ll never ever again get a penny of my money.

  • kd7iwp

    I signed up for this a few weeks ago but then returned the phones after I didn’t get service at my house 🙁 It’s a great deal though IMO. Since I have wifi everywhere I never even come close to using 500 mb of data so their $45 plan allowed me to get the data I needed and still get at least SOME discount on the iphone 6.

  • warpdrive

    I feel the same way about Bell…. Screwed me over. Swore I’d never go back, and got tired of driving an hour to get a new phone when I live in a city of 18000 people. Tried Rogers when I imported and jail broke the original AT&T iPhone. Rogers customer service treated me very good, but couldn’t get reception in the building I work in. Constant “No Service”. Jumped to Telus when they finally got the iPhone (3GS I believe), and have had the best reception and customer service of all of them. Funny how it differs from person to person…. Guess it all depends on where you live and the CSR you get if you call in…. Unless it’s Rogers of course, call would likely drop before it started ringing. Lol. Around here anyway.

  • adam

    Look at this joke of an offer…50mb….98% of the world would use that up on the phone app updates…so the rest of the time the phone could be used as a coaster. ..LMFAO