Netflix is Now Available Through TELUS Optik TV


TELUS has announced today the availability of Netflix through TELUS Optik TV set-top boxes, which brings easier access to the streaming service. The company says access will be made available “over the coming weeks”.

Telus netflix

Blair Miller, Vice-President, Content at TELUS said in a statement “nearly half of TELUS’ Optik TV customers are also Netflix subscribers,” also noting this new addition is “yet another demonstration of TELUS’ commitment to making our customers’ entertainment experience better and simpler.”

Here’s how to launch Netflix on TELUS Optik TV:

  • Pressing the apps/interactive button on your remote control and selecting Netflix, or
  • Tuning to channel 422 and pressing OK to launch

If you’re a Netflix subscriber and you don’t have Apple TV to watch Netflix or separate hardware, this just makes it a lot easier for Optik TV subscribers. Let us know how this works out for you once it’s available!


  • Chrome262

    Wish the back deals they have made with the cable companies would end, this and other services that compete with rogers isn’t available In T.O

  • Tom

    Rogers creates Shomi
    Bell creates Crave TV
    TELUS launches Netflix

    See the difference?

  • f1ght3r

    Telus is far superior than shaw/Rogers when it comes to TV

  • audrey

    just tried this out at my house. works great. not a huge fan of the menu/set up because you can’t see too many movies/shows at once … but its a good feature. now i can use the apple tv in my room

  • Billy bob

    Crave is also available on Telus

  • Rob

    The certainly are in the city, but if you live outside of the urban metropolis (in my case, 17 km) there is no service. I’m stuck using Telus satellite. The selection sucks and no Optik TV or similar. One pvr that can only be viewed from that one TV set. Feels like we’re living back in the 90’s.