Public Mobile Promo: $38/4GB Plan Targets Freedom Mobile Customers


The popular $40/4GB Public Mobile plan ($38 after Autopay) has returned, in a promotion targeting customers from Shaw’s Freedom Mobile.

Freedom offer banner en

This “limited time offer for Freedom Mobile customers only” offers the following:

  • 4GB/month on a 90-day plan on Canada’s largest 4G LTE network
  • Unlimited Province-wide1 Talk
  • Unlimited Global Text and Picture Messaging
  • Voicemail and Call Display
  • Sign up for AutoPay on Activation and you can earn another $2 off your payment every 30 days!
  • Only active Freedom mobile customers who port in their phone number by the communicated end date are eligible for this offer.

TELUS owns Public Mobile, the latter runs on the TELUS nationwide 4G LTE network. This plan will charge you $120/12GB, billed every three months. It’s up to you to manage your data every month.

With Public Mobile’s loyalty bonus, after five years, you’ll be paying $33/4GB per month (save $1 after year 1, save $2 after year 2, and so forth up to $5/month off in year 5).

Since our switch from Fido to Public Mobile, our mobile speeds and network coverage hasn’t missed a beat.

Click here to follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to port your iPhone over to Public Mobile.

The offer ends June 30, 2017 at 11:59PM EST—and SIM cards must be activated before this time.

Update: The promo has been extended to July 6th.

Telus is taking the opportunity it appears, to nab Freedom Mobile users ahead of the latter’s implementation of its recently acquired wireless spectrum from Quebecor.

Let us know if you’ll be jumping on this!


  • I’m moving back to Canada next month. I won’t have time to get this done. I wish they would offer this deal to new customers instead of my having to go to Freedom mobile (with only 3G on my iPhone) to get a decent deal. I will go to Freedom though.

  • Cornfed710

    The networks don’t even compare to each other. PM is miles ahead for most Canadians. Come join our friendly family at Public Mobile. Don’t forget the loyalty reward, autopay, referral reward plus the awesome community reward 🙂

    RD 🙂

  • +1

  • Yeah, but the best they offer is(186) 62$ as a new customer, but if I come from Freedom, it’s (120$)40$? That’s a HUGE difference. A new customer is a new customer in my view.
    I’ll keep my T-Mobile as long as I can until someone offers up a new customer plan with atleast 4 gigs that is affordable.
    One of the pains of being military is always moving and needing new service. When I left last, I had a really sweet deal with Rogers and had to give it up.

  • Riddlemethis


  • roadie

    This deal is only limited to existing Freedom Mobile customers. The instruction provided is for directly porting a number from the Big 3 to Public, which would not be eligible for the promo. Is there a way for Telus customer to get this deal?

  • Acco

    Telus port to Freedom port to Public. Will cost an extra amount for the Freedom SIM, but… you’ll get the end result you want.

  • roadie

    How long is that going to take? May miss out on the June 30 deadline..

  • Canuck

    Can You say BOGUS!
    Only available to EXISTING Freedom Mobile Customers ???
    I call B******T !!

    Unlimited Canada Calling
    Unlimited Text
    Big 3 National Network Coverage


    Yay!!! Who needs Telus. NOBODY.

  • Canuck

    Are you kidding? Telus has you already for more monthly! AND on Contract I’m assuming.

  • Canuck

    Just know this will be available again, Back to School… Xmas.

  • Riddlemethis

    And the penalties et al from Freedom for cancelling right away?

    Perhaps there’s a step by step guide and implications on how to do the switch including timelines?

  • Riddlemethis

    Your best bet is to check RFD since that’s one of Gary’s sources of information.

  • Guest


  • There shouldn’t be a penalty with Freedom if you’re going month-to-month.

    Porting usually takes 24 hours…then there’s the billing issues to deal with when cancelling and signing up.

  • Riddlemethis

    Yeah. That’s what my concerns are. As long as they’re sorted out in the end.

  • Riddlemethis

    And you know this how?

  • Zee

    Jumping on this now! I’ve been looking to leave Freedom since it has no LTE for iPhone and you have to pay extra for “Away” when going out of the “Home” zone in the same province! Plus it’s the same price.

  • Acco

    Well… if you’re on a contract with Telus, you’re hosed anyway for paying off the remaining balance. Freedom, because you’re activating on a month-to-month plan, no penalty, aside from losing the $15-35 for the sim in the first place… whatever that cost is, these days.

  • Acco

    Each port takes hours, **if** all the information entered is correct. If it’s not correct… welp.

  • Raj Brar

    Or you can get a new number from Freedom, port that over to Public and get the plan. Once you on the plan, just port over your Telus number.

  • Raj Brar

    Read the terms and conditions.After 90 days, I think you won’t be able to keep this pricing. A long distance talk add-on is required to receive incoming calls while you are outside your home province.

  • That is incorrect. As long as you maintain an active account and keep paying Public Mobile, you’ll keep this promo pricing. Just like their previous promos.

  • Raj Brar

    Thanks Gary for the clarification.

  • The Powerhouse of the Cell

    On a completely unrelated note, Videotron has double data on so you can get 6GB for 48.95 a month if you live in Ottawa or Québec. This saves a lot of hassle for Ottawans because you can then get a comparative plan to Koodo’s 49$/6GB one without the hassle.

  • TrollSoul

    Of course it’s miles ahead, it’s Telus’ network. Wind Mobile was also screwed over large when they first opened up shop in Canada (tower *cough* sharing *cough* issues *cough*). I still support Freedom Mobile because I never have to worry about any types of overages. My bill is only approximately $5 more per month if I’m roaming at the cottage. Not a big deal as it is still cheaper than anything from the big three.

  • Ax

    Does not work for me it shows $186 instead of $120