New Public Mobile Plan: $38 for 2GB, Unlimited Provincial Talk, Global Text


TELUS-owned Public Mobile has made a rare move and increased its 4GB data option to 6GB over 90 days, a 2GB increase…wait for it…at no extra cost.

So this means if you subscribe to a 90-day plan, with unlimited province-wide talk, unlimited global text and 6GB of data, plus opt into Autopay (pre-authorized credit card payments; $6 off every 90 days), your cost works out to $38 per month. If you don’t need long distance, this is a decent plan since it’s contract free and uses the TELUS network at LTE speeds.

You’ll need to allocate data on your own, so that means paying attention to your usage (use DataMan Next to track data) to ensure it’s spread out over 90 days (i.e. don’t stream YouTube all day in the first week).

If you run out before 90 days, you’ll need top-up your data if you want more. Add-ons range from $30 for 1GB, but the data does roll over.

Public Mobile has a referral program, where you can get $1/month off from every person you refer, and multiple referrals are stackable—so you can get some decent discounts if you refer a lot of people.

With Public Mobile, you don’t pay monthly but you pay up front based on the plan length you’re subscribing to, either 10, 30 or 90 day options.

Public mobile 6gb data

Compared to a similar plan from TELUS with 2.5GB and local calling, it works out to $80 per month with BYOD, so this is looking much better.

When we’re used to seeing wireless prices increase, it’s really weird to see them decrease, especially from a company owned by one of the Big 3.

Let us know if you’re going to switch over your Public Mobile plan to this new 6GB data option!

[via RFD]


  • Ced

    Want compete mobilicity > chatr plan for sure !

  • JB

    This isn’t a change for the better. They used to offer province-wide calling + canada-wide texting + 1 gig data for $90/90 days. Now the cheapest 90 day plan with data is $111. Sure, you get 3 gigs instead of 1 gig, but it’s a 20% price increase. In other words, same old.

  • Those prices were when the 90 day plans launched last August…prices from the Big 3 always tend to go up over time, especially for entry level plans.
    But for a mid-range plan, the increase in data from 4GB to 6GB is a decent offering, compared to what else is available from the Big 3. RFD members are ‘gushing’ over this right now, which is a sign it’s not bad.

  • JB

    Well, I don’t share your/their opinion, that’s for sure. This is just a sneaky way of increasing ARPU by shifting everything up. The end result will be bigger bills, per usual.

  • I don’t disagree bills are increasing and it’s all about pumping ARPU for investors, but the emphasis here is 2GB was added for free, when usually they take data away.

  • Mike Fradette

    They’re owned by Rogers and coverage lacks. I live in Yukon and Public Mobile works up here.

  • gmd

    I have that plan and was looking at adding two (if not three) more lines. Now I’m considering Fongo… 🙁

  • gmd

    They took away an option, is our point.

  • MrXax

    Overage is $30 for 1GB? That’s absurd.