Public Mobile Switcher Promo: Ditch Your $40/2GB Plan for a Koodo $45/4GB Plan


After asking customers on their $120/12GB plan ($40/4GB) to switch to Koodo as a ‘bonus’ option for a failed price hike attempt, Telus-owned Public Mobile is now targeting customers on the company’s $120/6GB plan ($40/2GB).

According to some users on RFD, Public Mobile has been texting customers offering them the following:

  • Koodo $45/4GB plan (tab eligible)
  • $100 bill credit
  • Promo code: GOKOODOR454 (it will work if you are eligible)

This offer doubles the data Public Mobile users were getting on their $40/2GB plan, but does require $5 more per month. The plan also includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and other roaming options available for Koodo customers.

In the summer of 2016, Public Mobile increased its 4GB option to 6GB over 90 days, at no extra charge, but increased the minimum price of a 90 days plan, in what was seen as move to increase prepaid average revenue per user (ARPU), an industry metric wireless companies want to increase, constantly.

Recently, Public Mobile sweetened their switcher offer to $120/12GB over 90 day plan customers, offering a $40/5GB plan with Koodo, plus a $100 bill credit.

Did you receive this text offer from Public Mobile? Let us know what you plan to do.


  • No… I am having $28 per month + tax for 4GB data after all the credits. Try doing $30 for 6GB and then I will do it

  • Shawn B

    you should switch, PM may not be around for much longer.

  • iverge

    IF and when that happens… you best believe there will be competitive offers from multiple companies hoping to scoop PM customers.

  • Brian

    If you need a $50 referral credit, feel free to use this

  • Ann Wendland

    Beware! I was a pioneer public mobile customer who recently switched to koodo. Gave my promo code but because I upgraded my plan there were no deals … no credits … and money that was not used on the public mobile account was lost. Service providers find loopholes for every deal they offer.

  • warpdrive

    I’m going to transfer 2 lines to the Koodo $40 for 5GB on March 30. The extra gb is a good enough trade off for me. If I do it right before the deadline I won’t be out too much on the PM side.

  • Charles

    I strongly encourage you to go back and push to get one of the deals, plus your credit, plus a credit for the SIM card for your trouble. Bring the codes, show them the texts if you got them. If not, use these posts and community forum threads (public mobile’s and RedFlagDeals) to back you up. I’m sure the manager will be able to override any restrictions. It’s not fair that everyone else with Public Mobile got a deal; it’s obvious these deals are being offered because it’s to their advantage to have us switch.

  • Philip Akkerman

    I got the text and there is no way I’m switching. The reason they want people to switch is because companies like Koodo make tons of money on overage fees. The best thing about Public Mobile is that you cannot get overage fees, and a couple extra gigabites are not worth losing that advantage.

    I was with Koodo when I was a teenager, accidentally put a wrong digit into a my-five list, and racked up a $2,000 phone bill which Koodo refused to reduce, despite my usage clearly resembling the intent of a my-five plan. These companies do not care about their customers, so please do not give them any power over you by switching to a post-paid plan.

  • Ann Wendland

    You’re right, it is to their advantage. I was initially with public mobile when it was an independent and was bought out by telus. The behind the scenes manipulation that went on between the 2 providers toward their customers was disturbing. I did try to get promo deals and “received one for NEW customers” just not one for existing customers doing the switch over. They are quick to take your money, but I was told to wait 3 or 4 billing cycles to see if I would get any credits. That’s 4 months! I was told by koodo call ctr that I may “qualify” for UP TO $300 in credit and pm call ctr said $100 in credit. Koodo store told me I MAY qualify for $15 credit but have to wait for 3 to 4 billing cycles. I had to make a decision as the pm network was giving major interference to my elderly mother who is using the phone. She lives in an isolated area. If her coverage does not improve I will be switching her to a provider who has better coverage and does not fall under the umbrella of telus.

  • Anaron

    I get that you’re frustrated about what happened but this plan as well as other plans that Koodo offers have what’s called “Shock-Free” data. You’ll get alerts for reaching 50%, 90% and 100% of your data limit. And you won’t get charged overage fees because it turns off once you hit 100%.

  • Philip Akkerman

    And do they do the same for things like roaming and international calls? How easily could you rack up overage charges by pocket dialing an international number?

  • Riddlemethis

    The referral program is ongoing!

  • Riddlemethis

    You really need to stop overthinking things!

  • Andrewtdot

    Not the double amount they are offering now, that ends today.

  • Riddlemethis

    Perhaps you should not be using a cell phone? That seems like it will help with your anxiety.

  • Guillaume Steinmetz

    Switching to Videotron in April. I don’t trust Telus anymore!

  • Philip Akkerman

    Lol I get what you’re saying, but after once incurring a bill like that, I think it’s natural to be a bit overly cautious about these things. Either way, it’s good to know that no matter what you do with your phone, data or not, you can’t pay more than you signed up for.