TELUS Launches 2-Year Term iPhone 5 Prices: $199, $299 and $399 [u]


Earlier this month TELUS announced it would launch their new 2-year unlimited nationwide talk/text plans today and they have just done so, with the launch of their new SharePlus Plans, as seen below (Update: TELUS says price reductions have been made on 3GB, 6GB and 10GB data plans):

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.11.13 AM

Part of the launch has revealed iPhone 5 pricing on two year terms, which have come in at $199, $299 and $399 for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. This means TELUS has matched USA carrier pricing on two year iPhone 5 terms. Check it out below:

telus iphone 5 two years

telus iphone 5 two years b

As users select their new iPhone 5, they can also choose from the new revamped TELUS nationwide plans, which starts at $55 per month, plus a select data plan which starts at $15/month for 250MB up to $75/month for 6GB data (don’t forget AppleCare if you really need it):

telus 2 year term pricing.png

We had previously asked TELUS about their two year term pricing strategy and this is what they said:

…what we can say at this point is that we took into account that customers do prefer the low upfront cost of a device, so with that in mind device pricing will only change moderately.

Canadians have long awaited parity when it comes to subsidized two-year pricing on iPhones and it has finally come from TELUS (Bell previously announced $199 pricing but it hasn’t gone live yet). But of course, you’ll have to stick to one of the new voice and data plans. Thoughts?

Update: TELUS has also launched new Lite plans for customers ranging from $35-$55 per month:

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.31.21 AM


  • Dave

    Is it just me or are the carriers charging a premium for data, more than they have in the past?

  • wah_gee

    Data prices are on the up. Sad to see.

  • Yes the prices have increased. Data is the new gold mine.

  • Eric Godwin

    Glad to see Telus setting the bar for the subsidized iphone but these data rates would be funny if people weren’t going to end up paying them.

  • adam

    man, thats a kick in the nut sack. 85$ for a 1gb plan. they give us all these minutes which practically no one uses anymore. my next move will be koodo. 50$ for 1gb and nation wide minutes. minus 10% since i will buy my phone. 45$ for the plan + tax =52$ or 98$ + 200 upfront. ouch man, just ouch. 46$ a month savings lol. 1104 $ over 2 years. 600$ savings buying it upfront. better off buiyng it up front and putting it on a high interest credit card then going through these plans.

    im paying more then i would like right now. 65$ for 3gb and 1000 minutes and Vis voicemail.

  • Marj

    The plans are absurd. I got there iPhone 5 Plan back in Sept which has unlimited talk/text and 6 GB data for $75. With the new plan that would mean $130.

  • Kellie

    Ugly!! Note to self – never get off my plan. Might need to sacrifice the subsidized upgrade price from now on.

  • K3

    Still is no word yet on if carriers will be allowing customers to keep older plans when upgrading hardware.

    We should be allowed but with all carriers up in arms they might insist on these new plans for any HUPs.

  • Erik Kappel

    Ok these prices are just absurd. 75$ for 6GB alone? Come on. And this while they are trying to tell the government to be “fair” with ‘them’. What about being fair with us, your canadian consumers? I mean really. Come on.

  • Erik Kappel

    Good god, I don’t know which I find more offensive. 15$ for 250 measly MBs, 30$ for 1 single GB or again the outlandish 75$ for 6…

  • A

    Horrible! Currently pay $50 for a plan that would now cost $130.

  • MikeJenkinson

    Yup. I have a $65 Telus plan that had 5 bonus GB of data, for 6 GB total, and that plan would now cost me $130.

    I hope everyone who lamented 3-year contracts are happy now.

  • matt

    is a three year plan still avialable?

  • Kellie

    Doesn’t matter. Do the upgrade through Apple. Upgraded several phones by buying outright in the past and not once did I have to contact Rogers.

  • K3

    You mean buy the latest handset out right without subsidy? How does that work out for the amount of your bill each month?

  • K3

    So when yours is up and you want to upgrade to the latest phone what do you do if Telus informs you that older plans are no longer grandfathered and the new plans are the only ones available for two year contracts?

  • MikeJenkinson

    I have no idea. At that point, I have to make a tough decision. My contract is up in September. I could stay on it month-to-month indefinitely but then I’d be buying a new iPhone outright when I want to upgrade from my iPhone 4.

  • pegger1

    If the option is available, the pricing will be exactly the same as 2 year

  • pegger1

    Here’s the Telus fine print on these 2 yr upgrade prices
    “Available for clients who activate or renew on a 2 year term with a $70 monthly spend before tax.”

    So if your current plan is $70/month then it works. Otherwise you’re probably better off sticking with your current plan and paying full for the phone.

  • ????Dennis

    Hahahah! These fools are on Crack! No need to panic. Simply don’t upgrade your phone…. Wait till Verizon comes with sweet plans to rip customers from the Big 3 and sign with them. I’m holding on to my beat up coffee stained iPhone 4 until Verizon arrives :). No way in hell am I upgrading to any phone until January when the spectrum auction happens. There’s absolutely no reason why the plans on a 2 year agreement should be marked up. The only thing that should cost more is the phone subsidy. These Telcos are just using an excuse to gouge us more than they already have. $75 for 6 Gb????? Fucken greedy fucks!

  • JASE

    BYOD (bring your own device) is $35 for the voice + CID + TEXT and then you have to add one of their data plans.

    An example would be $35 + $50 (3 GB) for unlimited nationwide calling, CID, TEXT + 3 GB. Not bad, but you don’t benefit from any hardware discounts.

  • K3

    More concerned on if you are allowed to keep that current 6gig data plan when you wish to upgrade or if these new plans will be a mandatory requirement.

  • Chris

    I have a Rogers retention plan: 6GB data, 200 min, unlimited evenings and weekends, unlimited text, caller ID/call display, and voicemail. $68/month.

    That sounds great until you hear the plan I had in Hong Kong from January-June of this year:

    10GB data, unlimited talk, caller ID/call display, and voicemail. –> $35 CAD.

    The only downside to the HK plan was that texts are 2 cents each when sent to other networks. But it was Hong Kong, so everybody and their grandmother has WhatsApp.

  • Chris

    These prices are ridiculous.

  • Thomas

    Or, if you already have a plan that is better, you can stay on it month to month when your contract ends with no change to your rate. Just plug your sim into your new phone that you buy outright straight from Apple.

  • stanvx

    The difference between a $65 plan and the new ‘equivalent’ $130 plan is $65. Over 2 years, you’re paying an extra $1560; buying a new phone outright for $699 is the same as paying the $130 plan for just under 11 months. Thus, it is WAY cheaper to stay month-to-month and just buy the phone outright. You’ll actually save money!

  • MikeJenkinson

    That’s what I’m thinking of at the moment. Plus, as our kids are getting older now, we’re more free to travel and love to go to the US, so having an unlocked phone will make it way easier to get an AT&T SIM card and pay-as-you-go minutes/data for when we’re in the US.

    And there’s no way I’m giving up my $65/month plan that has 6 GB of data without a fight, so when my contract expires, I’m staying on it month to month and when the new iPhone 5S/6 comes out, buying it outright from Apple and having them switch my SIM card and I’ll just keep paying on my current plan.