TELUS $25 ‘Skinny’ TV: Lacks U.S. Channels, Comes with $100 Install Fee [u]


Today is March 1st, the deadline for cable and satellite companies to offer $25 ‘skinny’ TV packages as mandated by the CRTC. While we have seen packages released earlier from Shaw, Rogers and Bell, we now have an idea of what TELUS offers.

First and foremost, TELUS makes it very difficult to navigate to the $25 per month ‘skinny’ TV package. After navigating to the Optik TV webpage, you need to click on ‘Combos’, then ‘Basic Combos’, then click on ‘Lite’.

From here, you can’t even see the $25 basic TV price. The $20 Lite price shown first is the bundle price. You need to click the ‘TV only’ tab (which is greyed out) beside ‘In a bundle’ to reveal the $25 per month price:

Screenshot 2016 03 01 09 48 57

As for the channels included, TELUS has decided to exclude basic U.S. network staples such ABC, NBC and CBS, as these cost $7 extra in a bundle. On the other hand, Shaw, Rogers and Bell all offer U.S. networks in their $25 basic TV packages.

Below are the Lite channels, which have “up to 35 channels and up to 15 in HD”:

Screenshot 2016 03 01 09 49 23

If you want ABC, CBC News, CBS, Fox, NBC, KCTS9 and others, they’re available for $7 per month as seen below:

Screenshot 2016 03 01 09 49 30

There are additional costs if you want to go the ‘skinny’ $25 route with TELUS:

  • $15/month PVR rental
  • $5/month HD receiver rental
  • $100 installation fee.
  • If new outlets or jacks are required: $75 for the first one; $25 each for others.

Telus spokesman Shawn Hall told the Vancouver Sun “What we already offer is a lot like the CRTC’s skinny plan,” adding “Our overall approach has been this way from the start,” highlighting the company’s existing 25 theme packs and 144 pick-and-pay channels for customers.

David Christopher, spokesman for Openmedia, was not surprised cable companies are not pushing their new $25 ‘skinny’ TV packages, saying “None of these big telecom companies ever wanted to move toward this new, more flexible system. They all went into this kicking and screaming.”

Christopher went on to note “For years consumers have been wondering, ‘Why am I spending $60 a month for 140 channels when I only watch a half dozen of them’, adding “The CRTC does seem to have listened.”

On December 1, 2016, cable companies will be required to offer all channels via pick-and-pay, which is when Canadians will finally get some real choice, explained Christopher.

Jean Pierre Blais, Chairman and CEO, CRTC, said in a statement this morning:

“Today marks the beginning of a new era of choice for Canadian television viewers. The television system is evolving as Canadians’ viewing habits change and technology provides more options. During the Let’s Talk TV conversation, Canadians told us that they wanted the freedom to choose services according to their needs, their realities and their budgets. Canadians can now make television choices on their terms.”

Are you going to be jumping on any $25 ‘skinny’ TV packages?


  • $45 per month is still 5 times more than Netflix for less content, delivered via an awkward DVR. Live events would be nice to see ($7 more for most of those), but not hundreds of dollars per year nice. How about no.

  • Sarge

    Looks like Shaw skinny package wins, no extra install fee and US channels included

  • Ashley Mann

    Takes paasive agressive men to a whole new level. This is exactly why we need more women executives and ceo’s. We need a woman leading the crtc. Time for women to lead all the big 3. These beta boys need to stay in the kitchen and make sure their women are coming home to a clean home.

  • Hey kids, did you know that both SHAW and Telus crippled their VOD services to push Crave/Shomi ? Did you know that before they put Crave/Shomi in their TV boxes, you used to be able to watch the entire current season of shows being shown by the channels you subscribe to?

    The Cable companies already raised all the prices 7$/mo in doing so, since these services were once included and are now not, requring a separate service, that costs data to use (and “free data” only if you use “their” service.)

  • Aaron W

    Yup that was one of the first things that made me cut my cable and just download all my shows as torrents. Sure I have Netflix as well, but I’m sure as shit not paying for a service that USED to include a fully featured on demand (whole seasons not just the last few episodes) but has now been hacked down and moved to an EXTRA subscription service I have to pay for as well as my cable? I said screw that 🙂
    Edit: And THAT as well, pay for our services and we will give you your data for free, use the other guy and we won’t… Manipulative bastards lol

  • Aaron W

    Well, the next US Federal Election will start to fix that, looks like Hillary is heading for a landslide win in the primaries lol Yay 🙂

  • JB

    The only way to trust the market to solve this problem is if the telcos are broken up. There will never be competition if they just cannibalize their own business units. Take Internet as an example. Wireless broadband could legitimately threaten wired internet if they were actually competing for that business. Ditto VOD vs. streaming vs. cable. Ditto home phone vs mobile.

  • JanetHudgins

    And no PBS anywhere! Looks like we either shop elsewhere or stay where e are. CRTC will have its work cut out if it’s going to keep these companies honest.

  • DebtFreeGrad

    What a joke! I already get basically all these channels on an antenna. And at a very reasonable monthly price: FREE! You have to be kidding Telus? How dumb do you think people are?

  • bazcanada

    The central govt and CRTC all run by professional thieves and crooks. all the members of parliament and rich people do have share of these companies. The skinny package to people is just plain insult. we have kickout both federal and local govt, because they sold these countries to overseas speculators for land and housing and charging Canadian people the highest rate for phone and TV and Internet(raping in plain word and look like the people are plain whores). I saw the extra channel. some for one channel like CNN cost 7$. The skinny channels are just garbage and I only watch may be 2 BC news channels. We hope we should have internet tv that we can see from other countries, who will give for less than 75% as we pay the Canadian operator.

  • bazcanada

    absolutely true. May be very soon the govt will sell your house to mainland chinese thieves and gave you a tent to live outside Vancouver……………These govt is chocking middle and lower class people

  • Go??

    I think Teus is defrauding its customers, because basic channels, like cbc, globatv, ckv , etc supposed to be given to the customers free of charge as per CRTC regulations.please look it up on CRTC website and then call your cable tv provider to adjust you tv rate plan, or demand extra channels in leu of channels that are supposed to be free off charge. You need to give them CRTC ruling if they don’t know.