TELUS 5G Trials Achieve Wireless Speeds of 29.3 Gbps


TELUS has announced this morning its 5G wireless trials with partner Huawei, were able to hit some insane wireless speeds of 29.3 Gbps in Vancouver, at the latter’s 5G Living Lab.

Next generation 5G wireless networks are not expected to go mainstream until 2020, but TELUS says customers in the Vancouver area will get early access first.

Eros Spadotto, TELUS’ Executive Vice President of Technology Strategy. “We’re still in the early days of determining what the deployment of 5G will look like, but what we do know is that it will be a quantum leap forward in wireless technology and the foundation of future innovations.”

The company also announced one 4G LTE wireless site in Vancouver has been updated to LTE-Advanced Pro, which allows speeds up to 1Gbps, ten times faster than existing LTE-Advanced. In the coming weeks, five more sites will be upgraded and customers will be able to use these networks “as early as next year”, as more compatible devices are available.

Earlier this year, Bell and Nokia also completed their trials of 5G wireless networks.

When 5G wireless networks come and hardware supports it, say good-bye to your data plans, folks.


  • Shameer Mulji

    time to say goodbye to my home internet plan. At those speeds, I won’t need it.

  • newmark888

    You will if they don’t up the data caps significantly. At those speeds you’d use up nearly 3gb of data in a second.

  • I’m going back to 14.4k modems boys. See you on the local BBS

  • Shameer Mulji

    @newmark88 being able to download 3GB of data in a second and actually using that much in a second are two different things. Right now, on LTE, I don’t use that much in a month.

  • Michel Plante

    LOL ????????????

  • Yeah, it would suck to accidentally click on a movie in Netflix that you didn’t even intend to watch, and the whole thing downloads in a second and empties your data plan.

  • Tim

    depends what you’re doing. email, social media, streaming video and audio don’t use nearly that much data every second

  • Don’t most movie sites have a max buff ahead limit to prevent things such as that?
    I do see what you’re saying though.

  • Nope.
    Just because you can download a 100mb file in less than a second, doesn’t mean it takes more data, just loads that pool of data faster.

    You can go about you’re average day and not use a single MB more if you do all the same things. Faster internet doesn’t mean everything you download is 10X the size than it was before.
    It’s a common misconception.

  • Oh, yeah, probably. I was more just making a joke (should have added a laughing emoji). But there may be some files that would download that quickly without me realizing it. Which would be both cool and scary.

  • Shaun

    Damn that reminds me of the BBS I used to run back in 94 when I was 14. My parents hated me tying up the phone line! lol

  • Lol! The #firstworldproblems of ’94, were when family members would pick up the phone and ruin my modem connection #rage

    Thank goodness for ‘splurging’ on a second phone line, haha

  • Shaun

    Yes! Eventually my parents caved and I was able to get my own phone line. Ahh the memories of my 28.8k modem on my 386DX-33 Mhz. Blazing!

  • Haha…yes, those were the days. Our first household computer was a custom-built Pentium 90, with 17-inch monitor. All I remember is playing LORD on my local BBS, haha

  • Ahh, I’m sorry. I thought it was a serious comment 🙂

  • Yeah, I can see why you’d think that. No worries!