TELUS to Invest $700M in Alberta This Year, Partly to Expand LTE Networks


TELUS noted this morning the company is set to invest $700 million in Alberta this year, part of a three-year, $2 billion commitment started last year. Upgrades will be made to expand its Optik cable service, healthcare solutions and wireless coverage.

The company notes this year dozens of new wireless sites will be installed to enhance coverage in urban areas and increase capacity, to go with extending coverage in rural communities and highways. Specific investments this year include $125 million in Calgary and $103 million in Edmonton.

In 2013, TELUS says it has rolled out 4G LTE to more than 85 per cent of the province, with recent expansions on highway #2 between Calgary and Edmonton, the Cold Lake region and the area around Lake Louise/Banff.


  • George

    I only hear news on Telus expanding and Bell expanding (new towers disguised as trees), but there doesn’t seem to be any news on Rogers expanding.

  • flabeo

    As someone who lives in “rural” Alberta.. and by “rural” I mean Cold Lake which is a military and oil town with a huge growing population.
    Maybe this means that Telus will finally be able to offer something above 3/mbit as their TOP speed!?