TELUS Promo: $80 Canada-USA Plan Includes Data Roaming (BC Only)


TELUS has launched a “limited time only” promo plan for customers in B.C., which the company says is “The best choice if you want to make cross-border calls without incurring long distance charges.” The unlimited voice plan is priced at $80 per month, but your added data option will include U.S. roaming, which means you won’t have to sign up for TELUS Easy Roam (normally $7/day).

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The plan is located under the Premium Smartphone category and the fine print says the offer is “available to new or renewing clients in British Columbia on an in market 2 Year Your choice CAN-US plan with a Your Choice data add-on and a Premium or Premium Plus smartphone.”
The plan is limited to consumer accounts only and subscribers “must remain a Canadian resident throughout the term,” while calls to the following area codes and exchanges are excluded: (712) 432, (605) 562, (605) 475, (712) 775, and (559) 726.
For frequently U.S. travellers in B.C., this plan looks to be targeting you. Let us know if you’re going to consider this. We’ve reached out to TELUS to inquire if this plan will be available in other provinces, and will update the post once we hear back.
Thanks Jason!


  • Jesse

    Nice idea for a plan, but far too expensive still.

  • Jason Chu

    Good plan if you qualify for corporate and get the 30% off.

  • Ian

    I wonder how long you can use the Voice, Text, and Data in the US for? My carrier offers this, yet it is only valid for 90 days (3 mths) throughout the year (and I say in the USA for 5 mths a year).

  • Lakh Jhajj

    God knows when the Big 3 will wake up and launch plans that includes everything in the package. Rather than spending extra to add data or nationwide calling. That’s a bs. This plan is $80 for calls only then if u need 7 gb data u pay another $65 comes to $145. Hilarious. I think it’s about time these carriers give all the above for $80, that makes it more like 2016 IMO.

  • Don

    I am on this plan in Ontario