Telus and Bell 32GB iPhone 4S on Sale at Best Buy for $199 on Contract


For those looking to upgrade to the iPhone 4S on contract, Best Buy has a sale coming up. Bell and Telus 32GB models on a three year term will be discounted to $199.99.

Normally, the regular price is $269.99 on contract so it’s a $70 savings. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this deal. The sale goes from Jan. 20th-30th. If you’re lucky I bet Rogers will match this deal.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • I don’t believe this deal applies to Hardware Upgrades/Existing Customers. Not with Rogers atleast. Do yourself a favor and call them prior to going in store.

  • Zillypaul

    Nope. Waiting for iPhone 5, as I am fully satisfied with 4. The A5 chip was far more tempting for me than Siri, but i decided to wait. And to share a little story: I recently sent my iPhone back to apple via the empty box they send out for replacement (home button not working), and they received an empty box back from me. Someone within UPS stole my phone. Apple conducted an investigation wich took aprox. 10 days. They informed me on Thursday that they are sending out my replacement! They did not locate the phone but UPS took responsibility. My Apple care team who worked on it were awesome. Im a happy camper.. I could have been out my phone with 2 years still left on contract. THANKS APPLE!