TELUS Announces Elimination of Activation and Renewal Fees


A few days ago word leaked TELUS was set to remove its $35 activation and $25 renewal fees today, and as expected the company did just that. A press release this morning details the following changes:

As part of the company’s commitment to putting customers first and being fair and transparent, TELUS today announced it will no longer charge a $35 activation fee for new customers or a $25 equipment exchange fee for renewing customers who purchase a new device.

TELUS notes it is the first of the ‘Big 3’ carriers to remove these charges. We expect Rogers and Bell to soon follow suit.

In an addition to the removal of these fees, TELUS also notes as part of being “fair and transparent” they will start charging new customers (for those who don’t already have a TELUS SIM) $10 for SIM cards as of November 1st, a fee which was previously included in the renewal and activation fees.

“The wireless industry and competitive landscape have changed over the years and with that, our customers’ needs have evolved,” said Brent Johnston, vice-president, Mobility Solutions, TELUS. “Our customers have told us they feel activation and renewal fees are unfair. We have been listening and that’s why we’re giving them exactly what they’ve asked for.”

TELUS looks to be the first company to win customers over by eliminating these fees as new wireless entrants such WIND Mobile and Mobilicity have put further pressure on the incumbents since they have never charged any extra activation or renewal fees.

This is a good day for consumers, folks. Expect Rogers and Bell to announce something similar very soon. How do you feel about this news?


  • jabohn

    Good. I’m looking to switch carriers soon and will save a few bucks I guess.

  • Ben

    An activation fee is probably the stupidest thing I’d ever heard of from a company. Do they want new customers or not? I would never ever pay that. Whenever I switched I would demand it removed, otherwise no deal. I never got refused

  • pegger1

    About time, this was such a bogus fee to begin with.
    Let’s go Rogers, we’re waiting for you now.

  • gtasscarlo

    Same, I don’t think there is a reason to pay for me to activate. I never paid for an activation.

  • Husein S.

    This sucks for all the people that paid Rogers the $35 HUP when upgrading to the iPhone 5 recently. Any thoughts on whether they’d offer a credit (assuming they also drop this fee)?

  • You could call in and ask for a credit, but I’d rather just bite the bullet on $35 than deal with Rogers CSRs on the phone for 1-2 hours. Not worth the stress and frustration.

  • Aslam Nathoo

    This is great news! Telus really looks like they are being the progressive one these days. First the fair and reasonable Device Unlocking Policy that started in June, then the $100 credit on unlocked device activations, and now this.

    I’m with Rogers right now and have been happy with their service in Vancouver so I’m not looking to switch myself but I frequently have people ask me for advice on which carrier they should go with. I can’t, in good faith, recommend Rogers when they are letting Telus show them up with critical customer service points like these ones. C’mon Rogers, get with the program! You still haven’t even matched Telus’ unlocking policy from June which was over 5 months ago. Get rid of the arcane policies already and stop letting Telus show you up like this. If I were you, I would be deeply embarrassed.

  • Guy Brown

    Tried Rogers and was told they have nothing yet.

  • Morpheous

    I cant wait for my contract to end with the fuckers at TELUS.. they can kiss my fucking ass good bye forever! They are the most rudest spinelees arrogant bunch of inhuman on the planet. Who really needs a cell phone when you can talk to some one in person. Fuck You Telus and stay in HELL where you are today!