Telus Announces ‘Expect More’ Platform, Looks to Set Themselves Apart From Competitors



Today, Telus announced a new platform called “Expect More,” which is inviting Canadians to expect more out of their telcos. The Canadian carrier is looking to set themselves apart from the competition.

“Our belief is simple: when we expect more from ourselves, our customers can expect more from us.”

The company says the new platform is more than just a marketing campaign. Telus says its a state of mind that starts from within the company. Expect More is set to showcase where the company leads in service, but also the company’s commitment to learn and improve in areas where the company has been below standard.

The company has announced that they will be kicking off the new platform with a new TV advertisement that admits that even though they have room from improvement, the company is still obsessed about delivering an exceptional experience to their customers. Here is the company’s new TV advertisement:

In addition to the advertising portion of the platform, Telus says that a large part of the new initiative will be in social media. The company will continue to listen and respond to customers in real-time and strive to address their questions and concerns.

“We know that we still have work to do to prove to Canadians that their experience with us is different.

We are obsessed about constantly improving until we deliver an unmatched customer experience at every customer interaction, every time. We’re on the right track, and we won’t rest until 100 per cent of our customers are happy.”

Telus is inviting everyone to join the conversation on social media using #expectmore. What do you think of Telus’ new platform? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Krishna S

    Lets hope Telus take a leaf out of the book of their American counterparts and make their Internet plans cheap #ExpectMore

  • JB

    The only thing I #expectmore of with Telus is overage charges and monthly fees.

  • Jay


  • Z S

    I’ve been happy with Telus. Certainly less issues than I’ve had with Bell and Rogers. But there is still the major issue of oligopoly in Canada. One company raises their prices and, instead of competing, the other two realise they can get away with doing the same thing.

    Look at Top 10/Fav 5… that sort of feature used to be common across the board. Pick out a few numbers and it’s free to text/talk to them, nationwide. And, within a couple months, all three companies had gotten rid of it.

    When the CRTC mandate for 2-year contracts came down, there should have only been a moderate increase in price for subsidies… instead, all new plans around $85-90/month. All three are just as bad.

    Telus, if you want to stand apart, actually compete. Please.

  • Marcus

    I will believe it when I see it. Customer service, politeness, and accurate billing should be a given these days. Canadians want to see lower rate plans and flexibility.

  • Joe C. belland

    I have been a Telus Mobility customer since Day 1, so about 14 years for me. In all that time I have had absolutely excellent service and support from them so am not surprised that they rank by far the best with the lowest number of complaints among the 3 major providers. So for me they don’t have anything to prove with their new campaign!

  • ????Dennis

    $50 unlimited/6gb. Expect more…

    The whole country will be a Telus customer.

  • Too much bandwith allowed = poor network. Cheap plans = less revenue = less profits = less shareholders interested in investing = not enough money to invest in improving and maintaining network (around 30M$ per week now) = not enough money to pay agents to service you well enough AND SO ON. Stop wishful thinking, Apple didn’t become Apple by selling low cost computers. Low prices is NOT the solution in any economy. Starbucks shops are always full even though you can make cheap coffee at home. Movie theatres are still selling 15$ tickets even if you can netflix at home on your 60 inches screen. Restaurants still sell food even if you can eat in your kitchen. List goes on, the problem is NEVER how much it cost, the problem is you don’t make enough.

  • Fireeast

    Your argument makes sense except for the fact all Robelus have been
    making record profits almost every quarter. Proving we are paying too much. I
    honestly think if the research companies and CRTC dug further you will find the
    underlying problem is always paying too much and the customer rep not allowed
    to help alleviate the problem.

  • By the way, Rogers has been on the cheap road for 1 year and their churn has never been so high they loss several thousands of customers last quarter, so your model does not stand. Why are people associating “profit” with “evil”? Apple is one of the most if not the most profitable company in the world. Am I paying too much for my Apple products? Not sure… If you pay the money, at some point your valorization is higher than what it costs, that’s economy 101.

  • ????Dennis

    Oh yeah… Poor Rogers. I’m wondering if maybe you work for one of the Big 3. You certainly sound like you do.

  • I do pay my bills to the big 3.

  • Darren Huddleston

    How about not charging someone 1981 dollars for cancelation fees when the canceled after 2 months. Great customer service don’t think so. 27 years in the customer service industry and I wouldn’t do that