TELUS Fixes Slow Apple Downloads: Speed Connection “Restored” [u]


As of last week many TELUS Optik customers had been experiencing slow downloads from Apple, whether it was OS X El Capitan (1 week downloads anyone?) or App Store updates. The issue appeared to be TELUS’ connection to Apple’s content delivery network and some customers were able to somewhat fix the issue by trying a different DNS server from Google or OpenDNS.

TELUS emailed us the following statement yesterday regarding slow downloads from Apple, to say “The issue has now been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience to customers.” Despite the email, some were still experiencing issues.

But TELUS has acted quickly to investigate this issue and communicate with its customers. The company’s social media team has been directing customers to this TELUS Neighbourhood thread, which has been posting updates on the situation, and as of this morning again confirmed the issue was fixed:

Screenshot 2015 10 07 09 26 06

Let us know if your Apple downloads on TELUS Optik are now back to normal!

Update: Here are the exact details from TELUS:

We identified a peering capacity limitation at a connection point between networks and worked closely with Apple to increase peering capacity.


  • Gary Bowen

    Yes – It appears to be fixed for me in Calgary now. Took just a few seconds to update a 50MB app this morning, which obviously seems back to normal. Thanks Telus.

  • Jake

    Yeah. Fixed for me. In Vancouver.

  • sands989

    It is fixed now. But with no offer to reduce rates for customers that had days of extremely slow download speed. Goes to show you how much Telus cares about there customers.

  • lkong

    Thanks to iPhoneinCanada staff. Telus would not have even listened to individuals if complained. Now, I doubt if Telus deliberately slowed it down or not.

  • Cheers!