Telus Apple Watch Series 3 Launch TBA, Previous Date “Incorrect Info”


Last week Telus tweeted they would launch Apple Watch Series 3 cellular support in December, but the company has informed iPhone in Canada that info was incorrect, as it was a “test tweet” that accidentally published.
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A Telus spokesperson explained they’re still working out final launch details for their Apple Watch Series 3 LTE launch, so more info will come later. According to Apple’s website, Telus is set to support Series 3 cellular “coming later this year”.

Currently, Bell is the only wireless carrier to support cellular Apple Watch Series 3 customers, at the cost of $5 per month. Rogers does not support Apple Watch Series 3 LTE and was not part of Apple’s presentation last month.

While the final date is still undetermined, one would believe the launch would coincide with the upcoming holiday shopping season, to maximize sales. Once we find out about the Telus launch date, we will let you know.


  • johnnygoodface

    Well between Dec 1st (erroneous date) and the end of 2017 (since they “promised” it “coming later this year”) doesn’t make much of a difference. I could easily wait for an extra month.

    I just hope they’ll work out all the glitches some of our US friends experienced when trying to add this new Apple Watch LTE feature to their current data plan, which was a real mess for some.

  • makeittalk

    I’m on Telus and bought my watch for reasons other than mimicking Dick Tracy. Don’t know yet how I will feel about being able to call from my watch but it’s not something I’m anxious about. Waiting isn’t a problem.