Telus Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Launch on Dec. 1 Not Correct [u]


Telus erroneously announced it would be debuting Apple Watch Series 3 support on December 1, but the company explains in an email the final date is still being determined (Update Oct 6/17).

No word on pricing yet, but hardware prices should match Apple Canada, while smartwatch cellular data plans should be around the $5 per month Bell is charging.

Bell was the first wireless carrier in Canada to launch cellular support for Apple Watch Series 3. Telus was announced as Apple’s second launch partner at last month’s iPhone special event, with both companies saying the debut would be coming “later this year”, but we now have confirmation from Telus next month is the launch.

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Apple Watch Series 3 cellular models come with 16GB of storage compared to 8GB for Wi-Fi versions, and will allow iPhone users to make and receive calls without having their phone with them. Soon, Apple Music streaming will be supported for LTE users as well in an upcoming watchOS 4.1 update.

Are you going to sign up for a smartwatch data plan with Telus for your Apple Watch Series 3 cellular model?

Thanks Robert!


  • Probably not, I’m already on a “promo” plan with another company and Telus most likely won’t price match.

  • Kate

    You won’t know until you try!

  • Called them and unfortunately they won’t give me 10GB + phone service for $75.

  • johnnygoodface

    Hmm… Only if they don’t mess with my current data plan, other than adding a new “option” to it.

  • johnnygoodface

    I got a 6BG/unlimited calls/text (Canada)/visual mailbox for 50$ with them. I got it just last month.

  • BeaveVillage

    Rogers has to be slapping themselves right now!

  • KimG

    Will this work for Public Mobile?

  • You’ll need to wait to see what TELUS announces…most likely at launch only the premium brand will have this service.

  • warpdrive

    Yo, jonnygoodface, that is a good plan price with TELUS. I just switched my public mobile plan to the 18gb over three months and with the rewards I’ve earned I’ll only pay $47/month. Would consider a switch back to TELUS for what your paying to get my series 3 working in December though…
    How did you do it? Business plan? Loyalty dept? Lol

  • warpdrive

    Allllllllrighty then. Lol

  • toysandme

    Any word on Koodo?

  • disqus_iA0qvF6sAs

    when is Telus getting apple watch 3 support, I heard Today Dec 1?