Telus Local and Mobile Calls from Sunshine Coast to Metro Vancouver Now Free


If you are a Telus customer on the Sunshine Coast, your local or mobile phone calls to Metro Vancouver will now be free says the company. Starting today, Telus users in Sechelt, Gibsons, Pender Harbour and Port Mellon calling parts of Vancouver will no longer be charged long distance.

Also, Telus calls between Gibsons, Pender Harbour and Port Mellon will no longer have long distances charges either, with no need to dial “1” or “0” to make calls completed.

As for calls from Metro Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast, Telus says they will become local in 2014.

Lisa LaMothe, TELUS general manager of the Sunshine Coast, said in a statement “By providing free local calling from the vibrant communities along the Sunshine Coast to Metro Vancouver, TELUS is making good on our commitment to provide the best possible service for our customers.”

Great news for Telus customers on the Sunshine Coast. Let us know how you’re enjoying your free local calls to the Lower Mainland.


  • S Coo

    I would like to add that that mobile calls between the lower mainland and the sunshine coast has always been local, it’s the landline calls that were long distance.

    Even Nanaimo is local from many parts of the Sunshine Coast by cellphone; I used to be able to dial without the area code (eg. 754-0000 instead of (250) 754-0000) even though the Sunshine Coast is in the 604 area code region (now local calling in Nanaimo require 10-digit dialling).