TELUS Launches ‘Canada Play Fair’ Petition Website Against Verizon


TELUS has recently launched their own campaign to drum up public support against Verizon coming to town, in the form of a website called, which as the tagline “why the spectrum auction should matter to you.”

A button on the site allows visitors to sign a petition to send a pre-written message to Industry Minister James Moore, calling for change to make sure “the Canadian wireless market remains fair and balanced.”

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The site includes numerous quotes and links to articles (which also includes a tweet from a previous iPhoneinCanada story) arguing Verizon should be on a level playing field with incumbents at the upcoming 700MHz auction set to take place in January 2014. Unlike, which TELUS teamed up with Rogers and Bell to create, this latest advocate site does not mention other carriers.

TELUS has also taken to publishing an “editorial” over on TechVibes, where Senior Communications Manager Donna Ramirez argues for a fair and level playing field for all wireless carriers:

I’m often asked – what does this really mean for Canadians? Lower prices? Better networks? More competition? Everyone has a different opinion, but I’m inclined to say that there are no guarantees for Canadians if Verizon comes north of the border, especially if the government entices them in with special taxpayer-funded gifts.

First things first – TELUS welcomes competition, whether from Verizon or any other domestic or foreign wireless company. We agree that healthy competition is good for Canadians. All we are seeking is a level playing field, and asking our government not to give a giant foreign company artificial advantages over home-grown companies like TELUS. We are asking our government for a level playing field that provides us with equal opportunities and fair regulations for all players.

Despite the ongoing ad campaigns by the Big Three, Industry Minister James Moore feels these PR blitzes haven’t been very successful, as mentioned in a telephone interview with iPhoneinCanada last Friday.

What do you think about this latest TELUS website asking for wireless spectrum rule changes? Are you going to sign the petition?


  • Just knock it off damn god.

    And no, I’m not going to sign this petition! This is bullshhh.

  • DaveMa

    Please Stop!

  • K3

    You know at this point Verizon could charge more and they still would get a customer here.

  • bbccc

    Do they not realize that all this rhetoric is backfiring? Give it up and earn your business.

  • Nick

    Verizon should come to Canada. The 3 carriers now, are all big rip offs and are all bullshitters. This is absolutely outrageous. Instead of them wasting there money paying for campaigns to try and stop Verizon, why don’t they smarten up and use there time and money to make there services better and prices lower.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Utterly pathetic. I checked out the website, SURPRISE! SURPRISE! there’s no comment section. That’s because Telus and the other pig 2 doesn’t want to hear about “fairness” from Canadians. They just want their distorted version of it to apply to all of us & without any feedback from their customers to boot! Not sure who their consultation firms are or if they use focus groups but they’re CLEARLY NOT RECEIVING THE MESSAGE! Hmmm….so where was their sense of “equality” when they outsourced thousands of jobs to the Philippines? Where was their sense of “fairness” handing out pink slips? They saved probably hundreds of thousands in payroll but did they pass that saving along to their customers or did they continue to gouge them? Piss off Telus…..if Verizon enters the Canadian wireless market I hope you’re the first to go tits up!

  • Chrome262

    Yes please stop, it just making them look more and more pathetic. Everyone I talk to says stuff like this only makes them look guilty. The level of hate i find for bell and rogers is amazing. Telus not so bad, but this isn’t helping them. You could tall people that Verizon is only out to sink one of the big three in their bid for world domination and people response is like go for it. LOL

  • FragilityG4

    Mommy, mommy! Verizon wants to take my lollipop!!

    Seriously Stupid Three … Shut up. You’re just embarrassing yourselves.

  • Nick

    No one cares, Telus. I’ve been with you guys for… Crap, this will be 6 years after having spent 10 prior with Fido. Know how fido treated me when I left? Like they didn’t care. They didn’t spend any energy to try and keep me, had they offered a single thing Telus did, maybe I’d have stayed.

    And Telus, they simply used their money back then to try and throw piles of money to get new customers, and I’ve yet to have a satisfactory experience since then.

    For the last 16 years, I’ve yet to feel that there is a company out there that’s really trying. Maybe this change will be what it takes to offer the best.

    As for telus trying to play the “we been done wrong!” Card, give me a freaking break. You guys had to get forced into offering 2 year terms, which you then tried to push the increase in plan cost as being our fault because we wanted shorter terms.

  • sick of this crap

    THIS ^^^^

    i’m switching if their plans are even remotely close to the robellus bullshit

  • Mike Beaudin

    Rogers, Bell, Give me better service and unlimitted bandwith and ill sign it 😉

    oh, your not going to do that? Guess I’m not signing that!

  • djepsilon

    lol, I think iphoneincanada should launch a counter petition to this BS to see which side has more support 😉

  • Justin Chen

    Just curious, can I sign to oppose the petition there?

  • lol

  • diamond

    Big 3 dumb f**ks. U are representing your corporate wallets with this bullshit site. There is no fairness when u dont play fair. Go f**k eachother.

  • YouCantUnderstandTheTruth

    The comments posted here are ignorant.. did you even read the article or anything about the petition? It’s not about keeping Verizon out, it’s about ensuring when they come they don’t get to use the Canadian Telecom infrastructure at a wholesale discounted rate. Let Verizon in, and make them pay the same cost as everyone else has to pay for the infrastructure, not some discounted rate, just to give a US Giant an unfair competitive adantage!!!!