Telus Clear Choice Plans Now Include Caller ID and Voicemail, But Plans Increase by $5


As noted by MobileSyrup, the a previous caller ID/voicemail promo for Telus Clear Choice Plans have now become a permanent feature, except with a $5/month increase. The addition of CID/VM applies to BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec and go into effect today.

Plans start at $25 and go up to $55 per month, depending on local anytime minutes and other various add ons. All plans come with caller ID and voicemail, unlimited nationwide calling, 9PM evenings, call waiting and conference calling.

There has also been a change to text message add ons, as a new standard $6/300 texts has replaced the old $5/200 and $10/2000 packages. The $15/unlimited text plan is still available though. Let us know if you jump on any of these plans. Even with the price increase…you still save a few bucks compared to paying $8/month.


  • gtasscarlo

    Still a ripoff!

  • joecmwu

    Instead of giving it to you for free as loyalty bonus, now they give you no choice to pay for it just like the voice mail, 3-way conferencing, call waiting and other crap. The bundle is getting bigger and bigger, so is the minimum price you have to pay.

  • SheppardJewell73

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  • NoToBellTelusRogers

    they bait you at low prices and then increase without a choice…
    and that’s why i canceled my telus and switched !!!