Telus Easy Roam Expands to Cuba and 13 Other Destinations


Telus has announced their Easy Roam coverage has expanded to Cuba, which makes them the “only Canadian carrier to currently offer affordable roaming rates and roaming experience to customers” travelling to the country (Cuba’s operator dropped Rogers from the country last year after Roam Like Home overwhelmed networks).

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Easy Roam costs $10 per day for International destinations, allowing customers to use the data, minutes and messaging from their existing plans. Easy Roam charges max out at $150 per month for International, while U.S. Easy Roam is capped at $100 per month.

To activate Easy Roam, TELUS customers just need to text ROAM to 7626.

– Daily fee only applies if a call is made or answered, a text is sent or data is used
– Only calls to numbers in Canada or the current destination are included
– Outgoing texts to any phone number in the world are included
– All incoming texts are free while in an Easy Roam destination
– Customers will only be charged for days that they access their Canadian plan in their destination
– There’s no need to remove Easy Roam from the account upon return

Telus also told iPhone in Canada Easy Roam has also expanded today to the Philippines, Pakistan, Lesotho, Gibraltar, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Fiji, Bangladesh, Ghana, Faroe Islands, Georgia, United Arab Emirates and Suriname.

The carrier first expanded Easy Roam to International destinations last summer.


  • So Young

    Why Telus charges $150 max and Rogers $100? Plus, with Telus, you have to active easy roam yourself before you go, not Rogers where its automatically applied.

  • SV650

    Telus gives you the choice to use Easy Roam or buy Roaming packages of minutes, texts and data, so somewhere or other you need to make a choice, thus the need to activate one option of the other. Having chosen Easy Roam once, you need not choose it again.

  • Greg Pajak

    Canada is totally ridiculous with its pricing. I just moved to the US and I have Unlimited (well, 22gigs then it gets throttled) data, talk and texting within USA/Canada and mexico, and I pay $65/month. Oh, and now they give free HBO as of tomorrow. Get with the times canada!

  • Free HBO?! ????

  • Bill___A

    There are more differences than that. But Telus now has far more countries than Rogers, which is a shame. Rogers needs to catch up their list, they have not added any in a long time.

  • anrec

    Agree. Canadian carriers can also do something similar. Or – they may as well not have their throttling and traffic prioritization story implemented.