TELUS Eliminates Incoming SMS Fee When Traveling Outside Canada


TELUS has announced today it has decided to axe incoming SMS fees for customers roaming outside of Canada. In a statement sent via email, the company explained its decision below:

TELUS has just made an adjustment to its roaming fees that will bring customers even more peace of mind during this busy travel season.

As a result of customer feedback, the company is no longer charging the $0.60 incoming SMS fee for TELUS customers roaming outside Canada. Now, customers can receive unlimited incoming text messages free of charge and feel more comfortable keeping their phones on while they travel abroad.

Typical incoming SMS fees for TELUS customers roaming outside Canada normally were at $0.60 per message. For travellers (or those who live near the U.S. border), this comes as a welcome move.


  • wah_gee

    Should’ve done this years ago. I don’t think Rogers/Fido have charge incoming roaming USA texts for a long time.

  • wuju

    Are you sure? Like to see where that is noted. I believe they charge both incoming and off course out going text while travelling outside Canada in the States for example. Unless you are part of those plan that has unlimited international texting plan.

    I text Telus change applies to its customers regardless of plan.

  • Guest

    Finally. This is the thing that really
    bothers me about Telus. When I’m roaming in the US, I want to have my phone on,
    and be able to receive emergency phone calls. I have the choice to reject calls I don’t
    want to take them, but for SMS I don’t have a choice. And I
    got dinged before. If I turn on airplane
    mode, I’ll lose all connections. Fido has been doing this for ages. I’ve received texts in Egypt, and it was

  • Tim

    Gee, thanks Telus, for not not charging us for something that is beyond our control. You are heros.

  • CanucksGoals

    I am with Fido and my brother is with Rogers. It has been many years that all incoming text messages are free and it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have any type of text message feature in your plan. I thought all other carriers have that too. I guess I was wrong. Better late than never to Telus.

  • wah_gee

    I haven’t been charged. I go to the USA a lot.

  • definingsound

    Seems as though someone at Telus did the math… the cost of fielding calls from people that take issue with uncontrollable incoming SMS charges; outweighs the additional revenue from those same people.

    It’s always been easy to avoid those roaming charges; just prepurchase the $10 roaming package for the month.

  • Jonathan Colvin

    Compare to Rogers “Roam like home”, where even if you don’t make a call or send a text, if someone sends you a single text, that’s $5 out of your pocket. Should be called “ripped off like home”