Telus Introduces New “Early Device Upgrade” Fee


This week, Telus has introduced a new upgrade policy that allows Telus customers to renew their contract early and get a new device earlier than normal, however it comes with a fee.

Normally, Telus customers must wait until the end of their current contract term to receive promotional pricing on a handset renewal/upgrade. Now, by paying the “Early Device Upgrade” fee, users can get a new device at promotional pricing.

Early Device Upgrade fee

This new early upgrade fee is calculated using the discount you originally received when your contract began and then multiplying the number of months remaining on your contract. In other words, the longer you wait, the lower your fee will be, but if you want to upgrade early, you pay regardless.

The new upgrade fee first depends on which device you have and then on how many months are remaining in your current contract term. Let’s look at some examples:

  • If you have a regular Telus device, a “feature phone” such as the Elevate, then your Early Device Upgrade Fee is $5.00 x number of months remaining in the contract. On top of is, you pay the promotional pricing for your intended device on a 3-year term.
  • If you have a “smartphone”, such as a Blackberry, then your Early Device Upgrade Fee is $10.00 x number of months remaining in the contract. On top of is, you pay the promotional pricing for your intended device on a 3-year term.
  • Lastly, if you have a “premium” phone, such as an iPhone, then your Early Device Upgrade Fee is $15.00 x number of months remaining in the contract. On top of is, you pay the promotional pricing for your intended device on a 3-year term.

So if you had a regular Telus phone with 8 months left in the contract and wanted to upgrade early to an iPhone, you would pay:

  • Months remaining: 8 months x $5.00 = $40.00
  • New device cost: iPhone 4 16GB (regular 3-year price) = $159.00
  • Total paid: $199.00 on a 3-year Voice & Data plan

The main exceptions to this new policy are:

  • All corporate and business accounts are ineligible
  • Consumer accounts within six months of the start of their contract are ineligible
  • Any accounts with Credit Limit Protection are ineligible

So what do you think of this policy? Good? Bad?

Thanks to Billy for the tip!


  • I guess this is slightly better than Rogers’ 30 month policy?

  • Stringer

    They are going to charge me $15 a month to upgrade my iphone?!? If they try and pull that crap with me next time i would rather cancel for $20 a month and go somewhere else! I am soooo sick of telus’s lousy customer service to their clients under contract!! When are wind and Mobilicity going to start supporting the iphone?!

  • JimRodger

    Roger is 24 months.

  • Nedrom2007

    I fail to see your point.

    Before the change the device is $649 to buy outright if you have 10 months left in contract.

    With the change the cost is now $309. Where is the problem?

  • There’s nothing Telus could ever do to make me consider going back to them. Their pricing sucks all around, and their customer service is absolutely horrible.

  • Guest

    The problem is some people (not sure if Stringer is one of them for sure) assume that their business is more important than anyone elses, and it shouldn’t matter if they haven’t met the terms of the original agreement (36 month term) if they want a new phone they are entitled to it for the same price someone new is getting it for. If not they are being ripped off and ______ (insert carrier here) doesn’t care about their existing customers when they, in fact, are the ones throwing a hissy fit about their commitments they don’t care about anymore.

    I work in a dealership and I’ve seen enough people come in saying things like “I got XXX phone 5 months ago, how much will you sell me a XXX phone for (usually an expensive phone like a Torch or iPhone). There’s a lot of people who storm out angry because they have to pay something like $600 for the phone they feel they are entitled to. Half the time they threaten to take their business elsewhere because I can’t discount the phone for them.

    If you want to pay more than the discount (in this case) to cancel your term and head out, be my guest…

  • Smart guest

    so if you are a customer with Rogers you could get an iphone for $159 after you completed 2 years of your contract. But with Telus, you have to pay 15 x 12= 180 + 159 =$330.

    And hi guest only in canada people have to sign 3 year contracts if you dont know.

  • Rs

    Canadians pay the highest mobile rate in the world and are locked into a 3-year contract. I blame this first, before I blame the customer…

  • Motuhigh

    Canadians are also far more entitled than anywhere else in the world. Don’t you think that the fact that carriers are practically required to subsidize devices has something to do with the overall costs of service? Look at the European model and draw your own conclusions.

  • Stringer

    This was exactly my point. Not saying one deserves a new upgrade for free after 6 months as “Guest” was implying. Thats ridiculous. It sounds like you are just taking out your anger and frustrations from customer service here on this forum. If I have 6-10 or so months left in my plan they shouldn’t be charging me over a hundred dollars when the other company will do it for free. It has nothing to do with my business being more valuable than others, but when they charge me this time, and I know next time they will charge me again when I upgrade next time, why would i stay with them? I would be stupid to pay an extra 200 to 300 dollars for nothing. I would rather pay the extra 30 – 50 dollars extra now and save 250 dollars in the long run. It is just bad business on their part, and they need to learn to treat their loyal customers better than dirt and be a little more competitive to keep them. If you can’t see that “Guest,” maybe you should get your eyes checked.

  • Anonymous

    Somewhat better than their previous policy.

    I am interested to see what other phones would be a premium phone.

    This is nice for those that want a new phone asap. But Rogers is still better at 24 months

  • GDub

    awesome… except i paid $880 for a 32gig iphone 4 all in because I had 18 months left in my contract… much would have rather paid 199 + $180 fee

  • Les

    Don’t sign contracts if you do not want to honor the terms of it then.

  • Manda_panda_0317

    I found out about this the other day and I have 19 months of my contract left so that’s $190 I’m paying in the upgrade fees and I get my phone for $150 instead of the $600 I would have had to pay. $150+190 is a lot cheaper than paying $600. I think it’s a great idea 🙂

  • Nickdubb Tm

    do you have to go on a three year term, i dont see why you cant pay for the devices price on an shorter term ? can someone explain this

  • Ex

    No. The policies for most smartphones are 3-year only.

  • Kathy

    I just found out about this. I am a 10 years costumer have always upgraded without and fees and I find out this!! So I sign up for another 3 year term keep my loyalty to Telus and they charge me, load of crap a complete scam, I will find another company at the end of my contract.