TELUS iPad mini 4 Sales Launch with 16GB and 64GB Models


If you’re looking to buy a cellular iPad mini 4 from TELUS, the company launched sales on Friday. Right now, the 16GB and 64GB versions are available on two-year TELUS Easy Tablet plans, starting at $100 and $210 respectively. The iPad mini 4 isn’t listed on the company’s website yet, but we were informed of the addition via email.

The TELUS Easy Tablet plan allows customers to pay off their device balance over two years, at the rate of $20 per month, after paying a portion up front.

A tablet data plan is required, via the company’s Flex Data Plan for Tablets or a TELUS Your Choice plan.

The Flex Data Plan for Tablets is priced as follows:

  • $5 for 10MB
  • $15 for up to 200MB
  • $25 up to 1GB
  • $35 up to 2GB
  • $45 up to 5GB
  • Data overages: $0.05/MB (or $50/1GB); US roaming at $5/MB

The other option is a $5 add-on with your TELUS Your Choice plan, which allows your iPad to share your existing SharePlus plan.

Also, TELUS says they have a “limited time offer” for the entry iPad Air, iPad 2 and iPad Air 2 64GB, on sale for $0, $110 and $220 respectively on a two-year TELUS Easy Tablet plan:

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Let us know if you’re going to be jumping on any iPads from TELUS. While the Easy Tablet plan can be convenient, the expectation is you’ll be using lots of data per month, at the cost of being able to finance your cellular iPad over two years.


  • Zeke

    it’s a really inexpensive way to get an iPad by spreading the payments out instead of a lump sum. And cheap plans to compared to an iPhone Plan for sure. I love my iPad mini 4. I bought mine at the Apple Store and it’s so awesome.

    The only complaint, if you can call it that I guess is why didn’t Apple include an iPhone like calculator in split screen view. Seems so obvious. Other then that the iPad mini 4 is awesome. Absolutely love it. Still fits perfectly in my cargo pants even though its a touch longer. Love it!

  • Nice! The iPad mini 4 sounds pretty sweet. But yeah, the lack of a calculator app is a pain but you can now use Spotlight to do calculations too!

  • Chris

    I have been kicking around the idea of getting in iPad/ iPad mini (thanks to the extreme cost of a 64gb 6S+ and my 5S is still working great so it is hard to justify that expense).

    But anyways, do we think there will be an Air 3 this year? And if not, which one would people suggest, the Air 2 (a just about year old iPad now) or a mini 4?

  • sarge

    No Air 3, or it would’ve been announced at the Sep 2015 event. The Air 2 is slightly faster than the Mini 4, and both have 2GB of RAM. It really comes down to the size that you like better.

  • Chris

    ok, thank you 🙂

  • Buddha

    $50/ gig for overages….???? Is Telus on glue?