Telus iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Start Friday, October 7th at 3AM EST Online


Telus has updated their website to indicate the pre-order date and time for the iPhone 4S. Customers will be able to place orders starting Friday, October 7th at 3AM EST (12AM PST). This is three hours earlier than the 6AM EST set by Rogers for iPhone 4S pre-orders.

The image notes: “Available online only, while quantities last.”

Telus was the first of the ‘Big 3’ carriers to update their website with images of the iPhone 4S. There is no word yet on pricing, or early upgrade details. If prices match what Apple presented, expect them to be $199/299/399 for 16GB/32/64 models, in either black or white.

Who’s pre-ordering online?

[Thanks @jarndt08!]


  • Me 🙂

    8 hours, and counting! I love Telus 😛

  • InDesigner

    Any word if Telus is extending the 6gb for $30 data plan? This will be my first iPhone and I would hate to get stuck with an expensive data plan for a measly 500mb

  • Jarndt08

    So if we pre-order it does that mean that they will mail it to us on Oct 14th or we will get it on Oct 14?



  • Luc Isaak

    The prices were listed on Telus site: They were removed…

  • the phone will arrive on the 14th if you are close to the shipping center, if not you get it Monday/Tuesday the 17/18. but at least you are sure to get one ! 

  • Jarndt08

    I don’t think this is going to be anywhere near as crazy as the iPhone 4 launch (which I lined up at 3 AM for). They know how to make Em (in black & white) I don’t think the stock will be near as low as it was for the 4. I’m gonna take my chances on this one 🙂

  • Alex

    Hello Gary, I have an iphone 4 on 3 year term contract with Telus, i still have exactly 24 months left , What are my options if i want to upgrade to the iPhone 4s, and how much it will cost me? 
    Note: on Telus site it says i still have 350$ left on my device

  • Ex

    You’ll likely pay the promo price of the device plus the Telus early upgrade fee.

  • Alex

    @EX:disqus  so lets say 24 months left so its 15*24 + device promo price? 

    and if you can please tell me whats the best thing or what do u suggest i do? 


  • Nope, I got mine last year, when they were giving out an extra 5gb for free, so I have 6gb data for the price of 1gb, I’m happy 🙂

  • Ex

    That’s right.

    For example:
    Device: $159 (16GB) (3 years)
    EUP: 24 months left x $15 = $360
    Upgrade fee: $35
    Tax: 12% (BC)
    Total from Telus: $620.48
    Total from Apple: $726.88
    Difference: $106.40

    Based on that, I would avoid Telus and buy unlocked from Apple. Saving $106.40 by signing a 3-year contract is not valuable…to me anyway.

  • Moimyself

    I get a message saying I need to agree to conditions on the pre-order site for Telus…  is it because it’s not time to pre-order yet ????  this is annoying 🙂

  • Moimyself

    Hello Mathieu !  How can we ask to pick it up if we pre-order online?   And where is the shipping center located?

  • Anonymous

    I am leaving Telus and switching to Virgine Mobile because of the long delayed Samsung Galaxy S II and the disappointing iPhone 4S, and for the better plan. Virgine Mobile offer me a $72+tax plan with 200 anytime minutes, 10 Fav numbers, unlimited evening and weekend starts at 6pm, unlimited incoming call, unlimited international, Canada, US text messaging, caller ID, and plus 6GB of data.

  • Hard to say until Telus releases that information.

  • But those 24 months of paying that 15$ makes it included in your plan, so you’re not really paying it at all.
    630.48 – 360 = 270.48
    456.40$ savings…

  • Ex

    Why would the Early Device Upgrade Fee be included in your plan?

  • Morgan !

    i preorderd the iphones online but then the server like crashed ?!? i filled out my information and my visa and then it like crashed wtf ??! 

  • Cher_ios

    I’m an existing Telus customer but not on a contract, I’m happy with my plan so just wanted to keep that and add the data. (It’s  the same as what they’re currently offering for the older iphones at $50/month).

    I just went to preorder on Telus’ website and the plans you have to select look pretty bad! Minimum $53/month for only 100MB of data??? The $50 iphone plan has 500MB, does it not?

  • 6GB is back !