Telus iPhone 4S Will Be Available October 14th


Telus has updated its website with images to showcase today’s announced iPhone 4S, with availability to take place on October 14th, the day of the worldwide launch.

There is no indication yet of plans, or pricing. It would make sense pricing would follow last year’s Telus iPhone 4 pricing, since Apple did not increase prices for the iPhone 4S.

2010 Telus iPhone 4 Pricing:

3 year contract pricing
16GB iPhone 4: $159
32GB iPhone 4: $269

Outright pricing, locked
16GB iPhone 4: $649
32GB iPhone 4: $749

Apple Pricing announced for the iPhone 4S on contract (US):

16GB iPhone 4: $199
32GB iPhone 4: $299
64GB iPhone 4: $399

Telus also updated its iPhone pricing to reflect changes from today, such as the iPhone 4 for $99 on a 3 year contract, and the iPhone 3GS free on contract. Telus was one of the first carriers to drop its iPhone 4 pricing down to $99.

There are also web-exclusive ‘refreshed’ discounts available, such as a 16GB iPhone 4 for $49 on contract, and $209 for the 32GB model.

Neither Rogers or Bell has yet to update its website to announce the iPhone 4S release dates or plans. Rogers still has the iPhone 3GS listed for $99 on contract. Earlier, we posted an internal Rogers memo that indicated the carrier would carry the next iPhone.

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  • Jarndt08

    Couldn’t believe they already had the iPhone 4S on their page!

  • Casey Callaghan

    What about the 64GB iPhone 4S?

  • Poochi

    Outright purchase, locked for full price? What’s Telus smoking?

  • I thought there was going to be iphone 5. 
    I miss Steve Jobs

  • Jarndt08

    Those prices are just them speculating based on last years prices.  Since, there was no 64 GB model last year, no speculatory price!

  • Sebseb2

    I don’t care about pricing I want to know about eligibility

  • Locked during the contract period of course. 

  • Kludwig_

    can one buy an iphone without a contract and at what price?

  • Yes. Go to or an Apple Store. $649/749/849 for 16GB/32/64