TELUS iPhone 5 Sale: $100 Off 3 Year Terms, Nov. 23-26 [Update]


telus iphone 5 sale

Looks like TELUS has started a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal of their own. They’ve let us know the iPhone 5 will be on sale for $100 off starting tomorrow until Monday, as part of a holiday kick off:

Is the iPhone 5 is on your friends’ or family members’ wish lists (or maybe your own)? We’ll help you play Santa! From tomorrow until Monday, November 26, new and existing customers across Canada can get the new iPhone 5 starting at just $79 for the 16GB, $179 for the 32GB and $279 for the 64GB – that’s $100 off when they purchase the device on a 3 year term with a minimum $50 monthly rate plan.

As stated above, the deal is good for new and existing customers that sign a three year term with a monthly rate plan of at least $50.

This is the first major discount we’ve seen for the iPhone 5 on contract. The $100 discount puts the iPhone 5 in line with the iPhone 4S, which is $79 on a three year term from TELUS. During iPhone 5 pre-orders, the company offered complimentary upgrades to customers due to supply shortfalls.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

Update: As of 11:13PM PST, the deal is now live on the Telus website. Prices below:

telus iphone 5



  • Abriamhaha

    When will Canada ever get rid of this 3-year term contract? Why can’t we have 2-year term max like US? Nthx. No more ripoff contract.

  • Jon

    It isn’t a ripoff if you’re saving 100$ and have no intention to switch

  • Ddddddddd

    O really? It IS a ripoff and stop feeding the greedy Canadian wireless carriers. Do you work for Telus or any other carrier?

  • Marc

    Or it could actually be that some people just don’t care and are happy with their service. I’ve never had a problem with Telus and would gladly sign another three-year contract with them for an iPhone at a reduced price. You’re going to have to pay the same monthly fee either way so why not get a cheaper phone if you’re satisfied with it and the service your carrier is providing? Just because people make a choice you don’t agree with, it doesn’t automatically mean that they’re a shill or sheep that refuse to rebel against the machine… or whatever.

  • big 3

    Thanks but we don’t need telus employees’ input here. The big three scam you with a cheap phone then lock you in with a disgusting plan. You are paying double monthly when compared to the little guys. Just check out other countries and see what they are paying…Canada should do something!

  • OMG! I will go to Telus store tomorrow! ????

  • Thanks for the heads up. I love iPhone in Canada.

  • gtasscarlo

    No one is forcing you to have a cell phone or an iPhone. It is a service that you VOLUNTARILY MAKE.

  • Marc

    lol @ how opinions that don’t crucify all major cell phone carriers in Canada = Telus employee. Look, compared to other countries, we get screwed on our monthly rates. There’s absolutely no reason as to why we shouldn’t be getting unlimited data, for example. That’s not the point I was arguing though. My comment was simply to say that there’s nothing wrong with signing a three-year contract with a company if you’re happy with their service and the phone. It isn’t ideal but it’s the best we have for right now and not everyone has a ton of cash to blow on an unlocked iPhone — for some people, it’s the only way they can afford one. That’s really all I’m getting at here.

  • Canadians have always gotten a raw deal with pricing of consumer goods.l/services. 3 year contracts is no exception. For those who say they don’t care if they have no intention to switch, here is an example of why you SHOULD care: don’t you wish you could renew your phone every 2 years instead of every 3? We are getting less of a subsidy here in canada than in the US.

  • Dave

    I wish all these douche bags would stop complaining about 3 year contracts and go out, but the phone yourself and then pay for your fucking service to whom every the fuck you want to be with. Why do them complain?


    Guess what? I Europe, the more you pay the more you get subsidized. Do you really want that? At the rate you people want to pay for your plan, you wouldn’t get a dime subsidized for you

  • koodo

    “…3 year term with a minimum $50 monthly rate plan.”
    There is only 1 plan for the iPhone 5 and its $70/month.

    In the case of the Big3, I’d rather go back to Rogers with the $179 iPhone 5 with the $65, cheaper in a 3yr term.

    BUT, I’m going with Koodo (Telus) which have a better offer.