TELUS iPhone 6s Online Pre-Orders Now Available


TELUS has launched their online iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus pre-orders, with availability set for the device’s launch on September 25. TELUS has all models, colours and configurations available:

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Just visit to place your pre-order. Let us know how it goes! TELUS was organized enough to email us the minute pre-orders went live, so we could share the news. Well done, TELUS.

Don’t forget to share your progress and status with fellow TELUS customers in the comments below.


  • Trevor Robertson

    Ordered my iPhone 6s Plus just before 9AM EST and telus said it would be here Spet 24th! Looking forward to it



  • Agent

    I pre ordered also, iPhone 6s Plus 128 space grey, however with TELUS business online. This is the first time in many years that business customers could even have the option to pre-order a new iPhone!

    When setting up the details to finalize the order at 7 am next day, the TELUS sales rep told me I’m 2nd in line, yet….. He says there WILL be a wait, and soonest my phone be delivered would be approximately 10 days after launch day!!

    He said because it was a plus model, yet he said even if I purchased the 6s, I still wouldn’t get it on launch day.!! Unbelievable.

    I will say, TELUS has improved the pre-order process with the quick turn around email response and phone call early in the morning on the weekend!!
    I was very impressed, but again … if TELUS cannot deliver the phone on launch day, what the hell is the point of pre-ordering.

    I reserved a phone at the Apple Store as a backup, if TELUS fails on this one that will be the last straw for me.

    Let me know if there’s any other Telus business iPhone pre-order customers out there what kind of feedback about delivery expectations? I totally get it at Apple and the carriers want to be very Careful with stock and delivery to prevent disappointment.

    Good luck all!!

  • Awesome! Are they shipping it to a store or to your home? What company are they using to ship it this year?


    Just spoke with Telus, if you pre-ordered online or on the phone customers will get a call on Launch day, but WILLl have to wait for the Phone 4-10 days.

    The phone won’t be showing up on Launch day, i’ve asked 4 others. Whats the point of a pre-order, it you can get the phone on launch day? Epic fail TELUS. Even if you’re second in line.

    Would be interesting to know if Rogers and the other carriers have fallen short with this, or if they have orders prepared to ship to deliver to those who’ve pre-ordered.