Telus iPhone Unlocking Coming June 1st for $50


MobileSyrup reports Telus iPhone users will be able to unlock their devices starting tomorrow (June 1st) for $50. An internal memo reveals the criteria for Telus iPhone users to unlock their phones:

  • The iPhone must operate on the TELUS’ HSPA network.
  • Client must have an iPhone registered for a postpaid account with TELUS for at least 90 days.
  • The customer’s account must be current and in good standing.
  • The last three consecutive bills must have been paid in full.
  • Available for Consumer, Business, and Corporate accounts

Last year Telus introduced an unlocking policy for their handsets but it excluded the iPhone (whereas Rogers has long offered iPhone unlocking). Many Telus users have long opted for factory unlocked iPhones from Apple to bypass this delay.

Apple’s support page still notes Rogers and Fido as the only authorized carriers to unlock iPhones–expect this to change soon. I know of many Telus iPhone users that will be very happy to hear about this new unlock policy.

What do you think about paying $50 to have carriers unlock your iPhone?


  • Bell User

    Rogers has offered iPhone unlocking along with Bell??  Bell????

  • pegger1

    This should be automatic and with no fee as soon as the phone subsidy is paid off.

  • Speederd

    Bell is the only one left that DON’T unlock iPhones…

  • Jd2157

    I think $50 isn’t too bad while you’re still under contract ONLY if once you’ve completed your contract (i.e. paid the phone subsidy in full and it’s technically your phone) they unlock it for free.

  • hub2

    “Client must have an iPhone registered for a postpaid account with TELUS for at least 90 days.”

    Rogers/Fido only have a 30 day requirement, and we just had Fido attach my old, inactive 3GS’s IMEI number to a friend’s Fido account. 30 days and $50 later it was unlocked.

    Interestingly, if Fido had a similar restriction we shouldn’t have had to wait 30 days, since my friend already had his iPhone with them for a year.

  • ????Dennis

    Wow that’s a lot better than Rogers. Doesn’t Rogers require you to have the hardware paid off in full before you can unlock it? Tells is only requiring that you have an account for 90 days. I hope Rogers follows suit because An unlocked iPhone would be awesome when traveling.

    How do these carriers have the software to unlock an iPhone but the jailbreaking community can’t?

  • ????Dennis

    No, I believe Rogers requires that the 3 year term/hardware subsidy is paid off. Then they will unlock it for you for $50.

    A great reason to switch to Telus now.

  • JohnC

     They will unlock it for you but that doesn’t mean you won’t be stuck on Telus with a 3 years term. So I don’t see much different at all. It might be good for people who travel oversea all the time.

  • Dan

    Called Telus, my 3GS is officially unlocked, was easy to do

  • Daniel Nevo

    ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • W00t

  • Smitty

    Agreed, lock me into a contract but let me swap my sim when I travel or let me roam all over the us. Data Roaming rates are total bs. Locked iphones need to disappear, face it I’m not changing carriers they are all the same & they all suck.

  • Harsimran

     hey Dan what steps did you have to do i called them too but i am not sure if mine is done or not

  • ????Dennis

    Totally agree with you!!!

    Just talked to Robers and they said that my contract has to be up in order for me to get the unlock. Like c’mon, I’ve been in the contract for 2 years and have been a client for over 10. I’m not going anywhere, I just wanna travel and talk with better rates!!!

  • Yuriy Zakurdayev

    Hello. Can smbd help with official unlocking my Telus locked iPhone? 50$ for telus, 50$ for you. Thanks

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