Telus iPhone X Pricing on Contract: Starts at $600 with $95/Month Plan [u]


Rogers posted their iPhone X pricing on two-year contracts last week, starting at $599 for the 64GB model on a Premium+ plan, which offers a maximum subsidy with a $95 per month plan.

Now, Telus has posted iPhone X pricing details, only to reveal a $600 price tag with a starting $95 per month Premium Plus plan.

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Telus says iPhone X is also available on a two-year term with an $85 per month plan, but the up front device pricing will most likely be $200 more, like with Rogers.

Here’s what iPhone X will most likely cost from Telus on contract—pricing is usually identical between the Big 3:

Premium Plus Plan – $95/month plan

  • 64GB iPhone X – $600
  • 256GB iPhone X – $800

Premium Plan – $85/month plan

  • 64GB iPhone X – $800
  • 256GB iPhone X – $1000

As of writing, no pricing has been listed on Bell’s website yet—but expect it to be the same as above.

Update: Bell’s iPhone X pricing revealed–and it’s similar.

Unlocked iPhone X pricing starts at $1319 for the 64GB and $1529 for the 256GB model. We’ll soon have a comparison post detailing what’s cheaper: iPhone X unlocked or iPhone X on contract.


  • FragilityG4

    And of course as of Dec. 1 they will all be unlocked.

  • johnnygoodface

    Currently I pay 50$/month for 6GB/Un call/Un text/Visual mail thus an unlocked iPhone would cost me 1319$ + 24×50$ = 2519$ over 2 years. For a Premium Plus: 600$ + 95$x24 = 2880$. For a Premium: 800$ + 85$x24 = 2840$. So in my case, it’s a 321$ saving over two years. Not much but it still over 300$! That’s half an Apple Watch!

  • Z S

    Man, remember when you could get a new iPhone for $150 on contract and your monthly bill was, like, $60-65? That was the case when I got my iPhone 4 and 5. The carriers really took the change to 2-year contracts poorly…

    This is why I ditched my contract a couple years ago, bought direct from Apple, and switched to Koodo.

    Ten bucks says all three big carriers jack prices up after this year after unlocking becomes mandatory. There’s no winning.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Ah, so “Premium” means the customer pays a premium for the exact same thing. Well named. Thanks for doing the math 🙂

  • warpdrive

    But you still haven’t told us how you got that plan…..

  • johnnygoodface

    Called and negotiated with ’em 🙂 The trick is to wait for another carrier to offer a deal that is close to what you’d like and than mention that when you start dealing. In my case Videotron was offering 7GB for 50$, so Telus gave me a 4GB plan + 2GB on 2 two years (this is NOT a contract!) + Visual Voicemail + Call Display + Unlimited Call in Canada + unlimited text in Canada. I could have fought a bit more, but I was satisfied

  • warpdrive

    Ahhhhhh so your in Quebec… it all makes sense now. I’m in Alberta. Called TELUS twice, talked to 2 different CSRs and haggled pretty hard…. best offer was 6gb and unlimited calling/text for $85 a month. I thought they might be more aggressive to sign a new client. Said no thanks, I’ll stay with public mobile for essentially the same thing (minus visual voice) for $45/month. My monthly total keeps going down from the refer a friend reward as it’s not hard to convince people off contract with the big 3 to come to Public Mobile and save a boatload of cash. Probably be under $40/month by Christmas lol. The only thing is, I’ll just have to use my series 3 Watch the old fashioned way with Bluetooth. Can’t see PM getting eSim support for the watch anytime soon according to the PM mods. Oh well….. maybe someday….. ??

  • Steve

    $95 a month + tax = $107.35 where I live. $1300 a year to have a new cell phone? No thanks. I’ll keep paying $30 less.

  • Steve

    Whenever the govt gets involved in business, prices always go up.