Telus Launches HSPA+ Network In Saskatchewan


This week, Telus has officially fired up its HSPA+ network in Saskatchewan.

Residents of Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, Swift Current, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Lloydminster, Yorkton, Weyburn, and Estevan now have access to the Telus HSPA+ network.

As seen by the previous Telus HSPA+ coverage map in Saskatchewan, the roll out is not completely finished however Telus indicates that the network should be completely up and running by Winter 2011.

As mentioned later last week, the HSPA+ network opens access to the iPhone on Telus. This is similar to what SaskTel customers may now have, as SaskTel has already launched their 3G+ network in Saskatchewan.

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  • JfromK

    So this is a Sasktelus network, as opposed to a Bellus network? meaning still no coverage when using a Bell iPhone.. or? — I recently traveled from Ontario to Manitoba by car and was extremely pissed off having no service after leaving southern Ontario. Call CDMA a dead platform or technology or whatever you will. But at least I had coverage almost everywhere I went in Canada. I really like the iPhone4, I really do. but I wish it were CDMA…….

  • Jeffdigg

    Come on guys how could you get this so wrong. Telus isn’t flipping any switches on anything in Saskatchewan. They just have an agreement with Sasktel to use its 3G+ network, the same as Bell does. Telus just couldn’t activate devices on the network until now. That was possibly a contract thing so Telus couldn’t steal any thunder from Sasktel on their 3G+ “opening day” which was the 16th. Or maybe it just took Telus this long to get all their dealers and administration and computer systems ready to go. If you’re going to report it, at least get the basic facts straight.

  • Anonymous

    It would be a nice option, but even with the traveling I do – I’d rather have GSM than CDMA if I had to choose. I guess that’s because where I work my CDMA phone hardly worked…sometimes. My 3gs on Fido has 5 bars everywhere where I work. I thought Rogers/Bell would have the trans canada covered for 3g or at least edge. Kinda silly that they don’t.

  • Hst20202010

    can somebody PLEASE tell me how to put the earpiece volume up?I can barely hear the person on the other end.I am a newbie sorry for the spelling mistakes I amhandicapped.Thx

  • Hst20202010

    cont. Iphone4 Please -earpiece volume

  • Rgmama

    It is a SaskTel network. They have a contract with both Telus and Bell, so you will get 3G+ coverage in SK with Bell and Telus 3G+ phones.

  • JfromK

    From what I can tell the new Bellus network is not your standard Rogers GSM Network with fall back to older tech in rural areas. Bellus is an HSPA+ only network.. Meaning, No 3G, No Service. I’m thinking of jumping ship to Rogers where at least I’d have had service in Thunder Bay. Last week I had to cruise around the streets of Thunder Bay until I found an unsecured wireless router, and then was able to VOIP out from my iPhone.. I was pissed off beyond belief. Thunder Bay the biggest city between Toronto and Winnipeg, and I couldn’t use my new Bell iPhone.. At least let me roam to Rogers for pete’s sake.. but no. They would rather me die in a ditch on the side of the highway because I can’t call 911, instead of letting me roam over to Rogers :P.. GAH!!!

  • JfromK

    Look for a button with + symbol on it.. There is one on the side of the iPhone, there is one on the wire of the of the ear bud headphones. There may also be a slider on the screen you need to drag to the right of the screen to increase volume.

  • Asd

    Bell hates you

  • JfromK

    Yes… that’s what this is about. Me! thinking that Bell should revolve around me…. That’s what I was trying to say all this time, I’m Mr, Important… It couldn’t at all be that I was displeased to find out that Bells new ‘GSM’ service sucks and that it effects not only myself but every Bell subscriber who has upgraded from a CDMA to a GSM device. Not at all…

  • bR

    Finally found iPhone4 available at a Best Buy Mobile Store, but they only have Telus & Bell models, Rogers sold out. For the next 3days, same situations. I almost switch over to Telus (my contract expired with Rogers already) but I kept thinking why Rogers’s models sold out faster than the other 2 carriers. Is it because Rogers is GSM and the other 2 are CDMA ? I don’t know much about these sorry if this is a dumb question…

  • Asd

    If you have all this time to complain on the internet, maybe you could have spent it researching what impact upgrading would have. Also the Bell/Telus network is not GSM. It is HSPA. Why would they implement a GSM network? It is a 2G network.

  • Anonymous

    So Telus flipped the switch? More like Sasktel flipped the switch and Bell/Telus are just going along for the ride 😛
    The coverage in SK is going to be way more than what Rogers 2G currently has, which is about the same as what just got launched.

    Hopefully Rogers will catch up in SK and expand MB and NL, looks like AB is completed and BC is almost there!

  • Crisco

    So does anyone know when Telus here will get some iPhones in stock?

  • JfromK Has Left The Building

    @ASD’s last response. “Also the Bell/Telus network is not GSM. It is HSPA.” Umm, I already pointed that out in the post of which you decided to start your trolling me. this isn’t even a forum, it’s a bloody blog.. Remember it takes two to tango and Mr Asd was the goad that prodded this along.. I’m done….

  • this is off topic but, i just received my unlocked iphone 4 (16 gig). im currently on a 3 year contract with rogers which ends in November 2011. do i have to cancel my plan and get the pay as you go service. or can i just transfer my sim to a micro sim? also where do i get a micro sim and do all of this?

  • Anonymous

    Almost got it…. Bell/Telus have a CDMA network but released a joint HSPA+ network capable of handling the iPhone. This network is somewhat like the Rogers network, but with 3G only and not a fallback 2G network like Rogers.

    The stock levels are determined by Apple. I believe they are arriving at some stores locked, so whatever Apple ships to the stores are what they get. Apple Stores still get them arriving unlocked and they are locked at the register if required by carrier contract. Some stores such as Best Buy just don’t have the ability to lock the phones at the register like Apple can, so they have to get factory locked phones.

    Now back on topic!

  • kusanagi

    Telus and Bell joined forces to launch a HSPA+ network across Canada so that CDMA could find it’s rightful place in the grave. Unified platforms, unified networks, like Europe and Asia have had for years. In some ways we Canucks have it better, in other others the Euros are way ahead of us. Glad to see we’re finally catching up and scrapping competing network technologies. Everyone will benefit as the wasted R&D $ spent on advancing a dead technology will now go into consumer pockets. Along with Beta video cassettes in favor of VHS and HD DVD’s in favor of Blu-Ray, CDMA had gone the way of the Dodo Bird. Thank you Apple for making this happen!!

  • bR


  • Ex

    Yes, transfer to MicroSIM.

    Go to Apple Store or Rogers Store

  • Test

  • atomyc

    For the record, I have an iPhone4 with Telus and I work in Calgary but spend time back and forth to Saskatoon. The HSPA network is no-where near capable yet (at least when using a Telus phone). The data works great, and I can make calls (usually), but anyone trying to call me goes straight to voicemail. I also get no text messages until I power cycle my phone, then they all come in at once. I can send texts however. So while the network may be “turned on”, it’s nothing compared to being in Telus home coverage areas. This was my experience from Aug 23 to today while in Saskatoon.

  • daniel mclellan

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  • daniel mclellan

    Cannot get any info on how to increase earpiece volume on iphone 4 ios 4.3.3 Please help! I can hardly hear anyone when they call me on my iphone 4.`Ive tried looking everywhere!!!