TELUS Launches LTE Network in Brooks, Alberta


TELUS has announced this morning the launch of their LTE network in Brooks, part of the company’s rollout to cover over 80 percent of Alberta’s population by the end of the year. TELUS has invested $1 million in Brooks for 2012 as part of wireless and wireline expansion efforts:

“TELUS is committed to offering the best customer experience and launching our 4G LTE service in Brooks is an excellent example of how we’re doing that,” said Fred Weinheimer, TELUS general manager of Customer Solutions Delivery for the community. “With a 4G LTE device, our customers can enjoy the fastest wireless technology available in the world today – we are continuing to expand this new technology, community by community, so that by the end of the year more than 80 per cent of Alberta residents are expected to have access. It’s an ambitious undertaking.”

The TELUS and Bell LTE network supports HD Voice (which Rogers/Fido also rolled out this week) for compatible handsets, such as the iPhone 5.

Earlier this week, TELUS announced LTE had arrived in Camrose and Wetaskiwin. Yesterday news leaked the company plans to eliminate wireless upgrade and renewal fees permanently starting next week. Let us know how those LTE speeds are in you’re in Brooks.


  • C’mon, TELUS, give Newfoundland some LTE love.

  • Kris

    It’s great that they are doing that. But would awesome if they would work on the existing LTE service in Calgary. My neighborhood LTE is non existent. Go north 1km 5bars same as going south.

  • Chris

    Would be nice if the East Coast got some attention with LTE…..

  • Anyway Telus LTE is totally swiss cheese and don’t provide any stability regularity