Telus Launches Optik TV ‘On the Go’ iOS App for BC and Alberta


Telus made two official announcements today: Optik TV for the Xbox 360 that allows users to control their TV using their Kinect, and the Telus Optik TV iOS app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Optic TV ‘On the Go’ iOS app allows existing Telus customers in BC and Alberta watch on demand content for free over WiFi.

Yesterday the Globe and Mail leaked in its ‘iTV’ story about Xbox 360 Kinect TV controls.


Watch On Demand TV shows and movies whenever you want, wherever you want over a Wi-Fi network. Browse hundreds of titles from channels like Super Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Hollywood Suite, and Family Channel. Watch shows and movies for the channels you subscribe to for no additional charge.

– Optimized for iPhone, requires iOS 4.0 or higher
– Exclusively for TELUS Optik TV subscribers.
– Wi-Fi connection required to watch shows and movies
– Programming is included with select Optik TV channels. Call 310-MYTV (6988) to subscribe.
– An Optik TV username and password is required to log onto this service. To set up an account, press the menu button on your Optik TV remote, select settings, then select Optik TV account. Go to for more information on setting up an Optik TV account.
– This application does not have parental controls, parental discretion advised.
– For use within Canada only


So far, the content is somewhat limited and you need to be an active subscriber of these specialty channels to watch them. I was able to check out the ‘fire log’ only since we aren’t subscribed to any of the channels. The app does have AirPlay and is geo-restricted to work in Canada only.

Also, one major letdown will be for jailbroken iPhone owners–this app won’t work for you. A pop up screen detects your jailbroken iPhone on launch and you will be forced to close the app.

The message notes ‘device security has been compromised’. Some frustrated Telus customers in the reviews were frustrated about this restriction since they were using unlocked jailbroken iPhones. There’s no word if this will be changed.

Click here to download the Telus Optik TV app–it’s free. Don’t forget to check out their excellent Telus Optik TV Remote Recording app too. Let me know how you like the new Optik TV app.


  • Mike Brownell

    I’ve had the Xbox 360 Telus tv, the optic on demand app for iPhone as well as the other optic tv app that allows the user to view the channel guide, set a show to record as well as view what is already recorded and what is scheduled to record for 2 months now and it’s pretty awesome they just have to make it so it’s possible to watch what you have recorded through the app.

  • Anonymous

    Watch TV “on the go” while it requires wifi connection? It sounds really stupid to me. Come on, Telus!!

  • Alonso

    I was not impressed that I couldn’t use the app with my jailbroken 4s. Oh well right?

  • Shaneboulder

    Where is shaw cable……time to step up….

  • Rogersisbetterthatssad

    I agree, they totally droped the ball on this app but if you look at telus as a service provider then you can see they drop that ball a lot, honestly they don’t really care,they get you on a contract and then they don’t care.

  • Tudby

    I argee with everyone else about the jailbroken thing, but i like the telus remote recording, if i forget or just suddenly rember that there is something i need to watch i can just the app

  • jake

    Telus, Shaw and Bell are fucking corrupt period.

  • jake

    Out with Jim Shaw spending his $16,000 A DAY retirement package.